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Magazine Archive 08-2013

Price range is still large

US system prices: Nicholas Rinaldi of GTM Research on the factors that are contributing to continued system price declines across the US PV market.

Offset slowdown

Ardour Solar Index: Secondary offerings and EU trade case disrupt the index rally.

“A doable thing”

Myanmar: Demand for energy systems is acute in Myanmar. Without government support for solar, there’s little evidence of utility-scale PV in the country. But solar technology is gaining advocates from social enterprises and local entrepreneurs.

Lean devices

Inverters: Microinverters are gaining a majority share of the U.S. residential solar market, as became clear at the Intersolar North America in July.

Key market and innovation centre

Intersolar North America: Shanghai, Munich, San Francisco, it’s been the story at solar shows around the world – attendance is down and the number of exhibitors declining year on year. However as the geographic diversity of the PV market increases and global demand continues to experience growth there remains a sense of optimism and real signs that the PV market may have hit rock bottom and that a corner has been turned.

Is concrete next?

Mounting Systems: At Intersolar North America, solar PV mounting systems manufacturers presented interesting innovations and new designs.

Inspiring new ways for PV

South Africa: The South African renewables market has become a beacon of PV development, both in Africa and worldwide. Despite bumps in the road ahead, medium-term growth prospects are looking good. Ioannis Papadopoulos and Ragna Schmidt-Haupt from global renewable energy consultancy GL Garrad Hassan provide a snapshot of the market’s status and highlight current policy and financial hurdles.

GW market arrives

Southeast Asia: The promise of the Southeast Asian PV market has been slow to eventuate. As government support policies and necessary deregulation of electricity markets occur, solar is beginning to provide solutions that both deliver demand to PV manufacturers and project developers and begins to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels for utilities.

Global FIT overview

Feed-in tariffs: South Australia considers scrapping its FIT to let utilities dictate terms, but not without hearing from the Clean Energy Council. Gujarat’s utility company advocates a similar path in Northwest India. Spanish PV investors are irate at yet another round of retroactive cuts.

Flexibility is key

Module prices: Prices for modules from Europe and China are converging.

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