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Magazine Archive 08-2013

Price range is still large

US system prices: Nicholas Rinaldi of GTM Research on the factors that are contributing to continued system price declines across the US PV market.

Protecting intellectual property in China

China: Intellectual property and copyright protection remain key issues for foreign PV suppliers doing business in mainland China.

“A doable thing”

Myanmar: Demand for energy systems is acute in Myanmar. Without government support for solar, there’s little evidence of utility-scale PV in the country. But solar technology is gaining advocates from social enterprises and local entrepreneurs.

Safe with lithium

Battery safety: In Germany there is a discussion brewing about the safety of storage systems. However, it is also possible to operate them safely.


A matter of trust

Second hand equipment: The market for used solar PV machinery is taking off as the industry is closing down facilities and reducing production lines.

Solar for more than a thousand islands

Indonesia: With over 238 million people, the generation capacity growth of electricity has lagged behind the pace of demand growth leading to power shortages and low levels of electrification. But now, things are starting to get concrete on the solar front in the archipelago with the government making solid plans for PV.

A pipe-dream

Dear readers, Will it happen or will it not happen? In recent weeks this was one of the prevailing questions that kept the online editorial team of pv magazine on its toes almost every day. There is talk of a possible compromise in the current trade dispute between the EU and China. Throughout the course […]

Solar funding remains timid, but downstream roars

Venture capital: Venture capital (VC) funding was unimpressive in the second quarter of 2013, totaling US$189 million in 19 deals compared to $126 million in 26 deals in the first quarter of the year. Despite that, downstream companies picked up right where they left off in the quarter before, recording their most successful quarter to date. Raj Prabhu, CEO of Mercom Capital Group, elaborates.

Customers come first

Business strategies: JA Solar Co., Ltd. is a Chinese PV company that has morphed from a cell manufacturer to one of the top ten manufacturers of crystalline solar modules. The company’s business model is based on strong partnerships and a keen sense of what “bankability” is all about. This article takes a close look at JA Solar’s recipe for success.

Storage to the fullest

Battery systems: In Germany there is a lot of hype about electricity storage systems for grid-connected solar plants. The pv magazine overview of 176 systems shows the state of development. There are big differences between the devices when it comes to price, dimensioning and economic efficiency.

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