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Magazine Archive 10-2015

The phony war

Utilities vs. solar: The growth of solar PV in the U.S. has served to spook many traditional power utilities, catching off guard those that had reaped the benefits of the status quo. But even while some sectors of this power divide remain at odds, there are increasing signs that utilities and solar can work together to deliver a more robust, flexible and affordable energy service for the entire nation.

World in motion

Global solar forecast: Solar installations globally are projected to grow about 25-30% in 2015 compared to last year. Mercom Capital’s installation forecast remains unchanged, as the first half installation numbers indicate that the market is still on track to reach 57.4 GW, writes Mercom’s CEO Raj Prabhu.

“A transformative project”

Large-scale PV: Superlatives tend to accompany coverage of the 300 MW Cestas project in France. But as it nears completion, the speed of install for a project this size is also turning heads. Paul-François Croisille, the COO of project developer Neoen, spoke to pv magazine in the fourth installment in the series on Europe’s largest PV project.

“Mono as well as multi PERC cells will get a significant market share”

PERC production equipment: It’s a surprise to no-one that PERC market share is growing and growing fast. However, with rapid adoption comes challenges, which includes equipment suppliers keeping up with a spike in demand and the resolution of technical challenges such as LID. Centrotherm senior vice president PV sales and technology Josef Haase sets out the German equipment supplier’s technical solutions for PERC.

“My concern is for a stabilizing of margins”

Global PV markets: Exponential growth and unbeatable cost projects are phrases that are sometimes used when describing the global PV market. But those having spent years inside the PV market know that there are many forces always at play within PV. SPV Market Research’s Paula Mints has based a career on charting those forces and shares with pv magazine some insights into the latest SPV Market Research product and market five-year forecast.

Australia goes big with PV

Australian utility-scale: Big country, big sky, but very few big PV arrays. Australia seems to do everything but solar at scale. The country has some of the highest penetration rates of residential solar: around 5 GW of installed capacity with less than 300 MW of it coming from utility-scale. pv magazine investigates whether a change of Prime Minister could be a breath of fresh air for solar farm development in Australia.

Changing times, driving technology

EU PVSEC: From PV poster exhibition to towering trade show, the EU PVSEC has evolved over time. In 2016 it will take another bold step, becoming collocacted with Intersolar Europe in Munich. So it is no surprise in Hamburg this year there was the feeling of it being a last hurrah.

Chilean heights

Chile: The development of solar in Chile has surprised and delighted in equal measure. Growth is strong and there is a major focus on the technical challenge of successfully installing systems. Daniel Barandalla and Ragna Schmidt-Haupt of DNV GL highlight quality ensuring measures that reduce the uncertainties of the financial returns of a PV project during the development, financing and operations phase in a climatic and environmentally outstanding region.

China looks to its solar PV future

Chinese downstream market: From motor vehicle component suppliers to chemical companies, diverse players are entering China’s downstream PV sector. But will macro-economic forces sour plans of a diverse array of companies looking to move into the PV power plant business in China? Vincent Shaw reports from Shanghai.

Entering negative territory

NYSE Bloomberg Solar Energy Index: Flagging economic growth in China and soft second quarter reports drive the largest monthly decline registered so far in 2015.

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