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Magazine Archive 11-2010

Smart off-grid solutions

Off-grid PV: An overview of the challenges and opportunities of off-grid PV from Phocos AG, one of the leading manufacturers of solar charge controllers and components for independent solar power systems.

Spot market for PV panels

Module prices: At the moment module prices are stable on the spot market. However, suppliers of wafers and polycrystalline silicon have announced price increases.

A marriage of beauty and function

BIPV: A growing number of PV manufacturers are offering modules designed to blend into roofs and building facades in North America. Competition will be particularly fierce for the precious real estate on the residential rooftops.

Time to fix contracts for next year

Lead times: The time between ordering and the delivery of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems and cabling is further decreasing.

A successful partnership

Glass meets solar: With the successful closure of two trade fairs pertaining to two mega-industries – glass and solar – the outcome between the two is potentially harmonious. Both industries have only to gain from one another’s strengths, should they choose to see it that way.

With time and patience

China: “With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown”, says a Chinese proverb. Investing in China indeed seems to require a great deal of patience, but it is still not clear how the country wants to develop its domestic PV market. What should foreign investors be prepared for? And to what extent can the wind industry serve as a guide?

A time of change

CEO interview: In 2008, Global Solar Energy became one of the first companies to reach volume production of CIGS cells. pv magazine spoke with CEO Jeff Britt, the company’s former Chief Technology Officer, to find out about Global Solar’s changing strategy in response to the evolving solar landscape, its efforts to increase its bankability and his view on the building-integrated PV (BIPV) market.

Yes we can

Dear readers, The mood of a winner looks somewhat different. The political headwind for renewable energies and photovoltaic technologies in the still most economically powerful country in the world, the U.S., is becoming more turbulent. Needless to say, voters in the midterm elections put numerous conservative congressional representatives and governors into office who have a […]

Best of British

PV Quality Briefing 2010: In its first conference in the United Kingdom, Solarpraxis focused on the key issue of quality. Even in the fledgling British market, plenty of positive noises were to be heard.

Beyond the horizon

Emerging markets: The international PV industry is primarily focused on businesses in the industrialized countries. According to a new study by A.T. Kearney, the emerging and developing nations along the earth’s sunbelt, with their rapidly growing economies, offer the greatest solar growth potential. However, the industry is still shying away from jumping into the new world.

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