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Magazine Archive 11-2010

I came, I installed… I left

Shell Solar: Thousands of solar power systems were installed by the former Shell Solar in a bid to provide the average South Asian with uninterrupted electricity for their daily needs. The joy of green energy quickly turned to anger. What these people did not count on was Shell Solar bailing out and leaving them in the lurch.

Yes we can

Dear readers, The mood of a winner looks somewhat different. The political headwind for renewable energies and photovoltaic technologies in the still most economically powerful country in the world, the U.S., is becoming more turbulent. Needless to say, voters in the midterm elections put numerous conservative congressional representatives and governors into office who have a […]

With time and patience

China: “With time and patience the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown”, says a Chinese proverb. Investing in China indeed seems to require a great deal of patience, but it is still not clear how the country wants to develop its domestic PV market. What should foreign investors be prepared for? And to what extent can the wind industry serve as a guide?

Time to fix contracts for next year

Lead times: The time between ordering and the delivery of solar modules, inverters, mounting systems and cabling is further decreasing.

Spot market for PV panels

Module prices: At the moment module prices are stable on the spot market. However, suppliers of wafers and polycrystalline silicon have announced price increases.

Smart off-grid solutions

Off-grid PV: An overview of the challenges and opportunities of off-grid PV from Phocos AG, one of the leading manufacturers of solar charge controllers and components for independent solar power systems.

Outsourcing and streamlining

CEO-Interview: Solon, one Europe’s largest PV manufacturers, experienced a difficult economic situation at the beginning of the year. Chief Executive Officer, Stefan Säuberlich, talks about the problems that the Berlin-headquartered company solved and how he advertises the company’s products.

Northern domestic action

Ontario: The Canadian Province of Ontario, with its FIT program, is considered the draft horse of the North American PV market. A domestic content provision is to keep the value creation within the province. Already dozens of international companies have settled in the province within just a few months. One unanswered question is, however, for how long the high subsidies can be paid, and whether the high price market is, in the long, run competitive.

Macro themes are key

Ardour Solar Index: The positive fanfare from the SPI conference is winding down in view of ongoing concerns about Chinese policy.

Light efficiency

Laser manufacturing: Lasers are vital tools for producing thin film modules. In particular, high-performance ultra short pulse lasers, which create pulses of a few picoseconds, allow for increased throughput and optimal processing results. Jan Wieduwilt of Trumpf GmbH explains their benefits.

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