Interview: Using accurate weather data for asset management and risk reduction

Meteorological data are necessary to measure the performance of a solar plant, to ensure its yield and to effectively plan its maintenance. Gwen Bender, Vaisalas Product Manager for Solar Assessment Services discusses the importance of up to date, accurate weather monitoring, as opposed to relying on data from public sources.

Quality: Minor differences in yield percentage make the difference between good and bad investment

Changing technology, pressure to cut costs, dizzying price slumps and a number of other issues make solar module quality control as relevant as ever. The danger that modules could fail outright remains slim, so module reliability is still decisive for the success of the investment, explains George Touloupas, Director of Technology and Quality at CEA, in preparation of the 4th pv magazine Quality roundtable at SPI.

Poor quality planning: Shifting the blame, passing the buck

An installation company in the Midwest reports how blame was laid at their door for defective PV panels. The actual cause of the defects probably lie elsewhere.

Installation Innovation Award winner: Maxx-Solar Energy

After three weeks of intense voting, pv magazine and Hanwha Q CELLS is happy to declare Maxx-Solar Energy as the winner for its inventive project: delivering innovative financing solutions for solar PV in Africa.

Candidate 1, maxx-solar & energy: Innovative financing solutions for PV in Africa

maxx-solar & energy has arranged financing for a PV plant on the Dominican Grimley School; a school for the deaf attended by some 100 children.

Candidate 3, Solartechnik Mitteldeutschland: Innovative PV and CHP project for tenanted apartment buildings

Innovative PV and cogeneration tenant project for a multi-family dwelling.

PV innovations helping to push the French market forward

Philippe Malbranche, Directeur Général of the French solar research institute INES, explains why his organization is hosting a workshop on innovations from France. The varying innovations take part in the whole PV value chain, from oxygen measuring in the wafering process, to developing solar plants with integrated storage for French oversea territories.

A question of quality for European module manufacturers

In the run-up to the third pv magazine quality roundtable at Intersolar Europe, we report on a survey of European manufacturers about strategy and quality. The question is, what makes Made in Europe attractive to buyers looking for modules for a PV plant?

Burnt out, incompatible connectors

Black sheep campaign: PV panel manufacturers selling plug connectors as MC4 compatible is nothing unusual. Two operators who have installed such modules are now struggling with lost insurance coverage and fires.

Hanwha Q CELLS discusses Installation Innovation Award

Innovative installers and solar plant designers in particular are welcomed speakers at Intersolar Europe. Visitors eagerly line up for to hear the top presenters. Jong Wan (JW) Lim, managing director and head of EU Sales at Hanwha Q CELLS, explains what an innovation is and why his company got involved with the award, which it is presenting with pv magazine.