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Missing investments jeopardize energy transition, says IRENA

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) told Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue participants this week that $5.4 trillion of annual investment is needed to support the global shift to renewables. Kenyan President William Ruto, meanwhile, called for a fair energy partnership between Europe and Africa.

Israel may lift land restrictions for large-scale solar

Policymakers in Israel are trying to create better conditions for large-scale solar projects. Land for ground-mounted facilities is still limited to 2,000 hectares, which equals 2 GW of installed capacity.

Weekend read: A game of risk

The rising popularity of “baseload” power purchase agreements (PPAs) has posed questions to solar electricity suppliers in the German market. How can projects that do not generate at night, and with wide seasonal output variation, effectively supply constant power to consumers? More importantly, who shoulders the price risk?


Up to 3 years needed to develop PV projects in Germany

Approvals and planning procedures for solar parks are a major bottleneck for the energy transition. pv magazine recently spoke with a project developer about constraints and opportunities in Germany, ahead of the pv magazine Roundtables on June 28.


Solarwatt enters heat pump business with new energy management system

Solarwatt and Stiebel Eltron have agreed to cooperate on the development of heat pumps.

SolarPower Summit: 1TW for European energy independence

SolarPower Europe believes that more than 1TW of photovoltaics could be installed in Europe by 2030 to support the phase-out of Russian gas supplies. EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson has even used a famous quote by Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi to underscore her determination to build up cell and module production on the continent.

The weekend read: Charging with solar at home

From pv magazine 02/2022 One of the biggest differences between residential EVs is in terms of solar-optimized charging. With solar-optimized charging an energy management system adjusts the charging power so that, as far as possible, charging always takes place with the surplus rooftop solar electricity. Such systems, if there is little sunshine or household electricity […]


‘The technology and the capital are available, but the market simply lacks execution capacity’

1Komma5° has acquired a majority stake in Swedish solar installation provider Cellsolar AB. This is the sixth acquisition of the recently founded Cleantech startup which wants to open the installation sector for the capital market in order to allow rapid growth.


Global solar supply chain under scrutiny

The discussion about the extent to which forced labor exists in the solar value chain continues. A video, a university report, a ministerial response and a parliamentary machinations formed notable developments of the debate last week.


The weekend read: Should solar developers take notice of ESG criteria?

Something is brewing in the financial world. “Sustainable finance” and the growth of ESG funds have been taking the market by storm in recent years. Since most major PV projects end up needing investors from the capital market, it is only a matter of time before they will have to adapt. The beginning of March 2021 saw a milestone reached in this process.