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Magazine Archive 11-2012

Bad finances put tie-up plans on ice

PV Taiwan: Taiwan’s international photovoltaics expo showcased not only Taiwan’s solar industry but the potential synergies between the world’s top two solar manufacturers, China and Taiwan. But is Taiwan’s solar industry ready to get together with its biggest rival? pv magazine spoke with industry leaders at PV Taiwan.

At a southern crossroads

Australia: Blessed with abundant solar resources and a strong Australian dollar, there has been a major shift towards PV. In short, never has been solar been so affordable Down Under. But as PV becomes a major player in the country’s energy landscape, the political backlash against PV has begun.

Approaching a new equilibrium

Global market update: Corporate shakeouts continue in 2012 but provide hope for industry rationalization. NPD Solarbuzz’s analysis of the PV market trends towards the end of 2012.

A Guide to Industrial Revolution 4.0

Manufacturing: There’s an old saying: “They don’t make them like they used to.” It’s more valid now than ever – and more vaunted, too – as we enter a new era of intelligent production.

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