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Magazine Archive 11-2012

For Taiwan, China, Japan and EPC hold the key

PV Taiwan: More solar cell exports to Japan, greater collaboration with mainland China and developing Taiwanese expertise in engineering, procurement and construction were among the topics dominating this year’s PV Taiwan trade exhibition.

Global FIT overview

Feed-in tariffs: The Bulgarian industry’s woes continue as the government makes more cuts, this time introducing sweeping retroactive measures. Austria has shunned larger plants, Brussels and Wallonia in Belgium are awarding less green certificates, and Cyprus, Lithuania and Switzerland have all cut their financial support for PV.

Intense struggle for market shares

Industry ranking: New markets are opening up for inverter manufacturers. But this also changes the balance of power among competitors. Newcomers are putting pressure on the business of established manufacturers. Market researchers and analysts assess developments among inverter manufacturers and provide an outlook.

Persistence required

Silicon industry: Companies must invest in efficiency and innovative production lines in order to survive the price war. This adds to existing overcapacities and therefore exerts downward pressure on prices again.

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