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Magazine Archive 11-2012

Protectionism is spreading out

India: Bridge To India analyses the recent Indian antidumping probe launched against solar modules produced in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and the United States.

Recapping the expo and conference season

Global market update: Storage solutions and higher efficiency? Never mind those, exhibition season was all about the margins, as Lux Research analyst Matt Feinstein discovered.

A case of light and shade

27th EU PVSEC: It’s often a lawyer’s advice to a client, “expect nothing, and you can only be pleasantly surprised.” And in some ways, the EU PVSEC trade show in Frankfurt delivered more or less along these lines; low expectations resulted in some surprisingly positive results for a number of participants. However, after seeing a fall in exhibitor numbers by almost one third, others were left questioning the need for a second big European show.

Rising global demand

Module prices: Now, tier-1 manufacturers are also affected by price decreases. Crystalline PV modules saw a stronger price decrease than thin film panels.

A Guide to Industrial Revolution 4.0

Manufacturing: There’s an old saying: “They don’t make them like they used to.” It’s more valid now than ever – and more vaunted, too – as we enter a new era of intelligent production.

Shakeout and hopes

Dear readers, The list is getting longer: SunPower idles manufacturing lines in the Philippines, Solar Frontier stops new plant, Satcon files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, SMA announces over 1,000 job cuts. And the Chinese industry has also been affected. According to Maxim Research they are US$18 billion in debt to state banks, with some of […]

Approaching a new equilibrium

Global market update: Corporate shakeouts continue in 2012 but provide hope for industry rationalization. NPD Solarbuzz’s analysis of the PV market trends towards the end of 2012.

Storage has landed

Storage overview: The smorgasbord of storage solutions is on an upward trend as the products on offer increase this year. The first market overview on storage provides an orientation to integrated solutions and to this hot topic.

At a southern crossroads

Australia: Blessed with abundant solar resources and a strong Australian dollar, there has been a major shift towards PV. In short, never has been solar been so affordable Down Under. But as PV becomes a major player in the country’s energy landscape, the political backlash against PV has begun.

Taking stock

27th EU PVSEC: Equipment suppliers were standing by with new solutions to help make PV manufacturing profitable.

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