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Magazine Archive 12-2013

Off-grid 2.0

Fuel save controller: standalone power systems offer remarkable new opportunities for photovoltaic technology. Among other things, the combination with diesel generators lowers the costs of fuel consumption. In the meantime, there are new control devices in order to ensure both supply and mains stability with a high share of solar electricity.

Bright prospects for the US market

SPI: The atmosphere at this year’s Solar Power International (SPI) in Chicago was remarkably sunny. The US solar market is growing sustainably, although it is still dominated by utility-scale installations. The main driving forces are declining costs, backed by tax credits. A new trend is the increasing involvement of US utilities in the solar PV industry.

Land of the highly prized sun

Japan: Historically strong, the PV market in Japan in 2012 and 2013 has provided huge demand to the PV supply chain. While domestic producers are in pole position to benefit, foreign suppliers are entering the market and developing a track record, both in their own right and through partnerships with local firms.

Island in the sun

PV Taiwan: Determined not to be overshadowed by the looming presence of its Chinese neighbor, Taiwan’s solar industry has explored many revenue avenues over the past few years. But what will the future hold, and where does Taiwan fit into the worldwide solar landscape? pv magazine attended PV Taiwan to find out.

Indonesia’s new solar regulations

Indonesia: The generation of renewable energies has become a core focus in Indonesia’s recent energy policies. In this light, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources has issued Regulation 17 concerning the purchase of energy from solar photovoltaic power plants by the National Electric Company. The regulation became effective in June 2013 and appears of significant relevance for solar energy producers, including foreign investors.

How many more wake up calls?

Dear readers, How many more wake up calls are needed? How many more super typhoons, floods, landslides or droughts have to happen? How many thousands of people have to die? How many millions have to become homeless until climate protection is taken seriously? Because despite the terrible wake up call of images bearing the destruction […]

Growth in the shadow of Chernobyl

Ukraine: Eastern European PV markets have been characterized by boom and bust of the worst kind – like that seen in the Czech Republic – and a sometimes agonizing wait for policy, as is the case in Poland. However, in Ukraine the development of PV power plants has been consistent, demonstrated solid growth, and appears to have paid off for market-leading project developer Activ Solar. pv magazine headed to Kiev and Ukraine to find out more.

Global FIT overview

Feed-in tariffs: More details emerge about China’s regional FIT; New York moves to a bidding system; and France, Germany and Slovenia continue their gradual easing downward. Meanwhile, Malta and Lithuania traverse a more rugged decline.

Generally optimistic

Ardour Solar Index: The index rally rolls on ahead of a strong 3Q13 reporting period. Solar Power International supports the healthy outlook.

Fog receding

India: Jasmeet Khurana, head of the Market Intelligence team at Bridge to India, outlines how India’s National Solar Mission has slowly overcome its roadblocks and begun making a real impact on the nation’s solar landscape.

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