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Magazine Archive 2021

Final thought: Taking charge

Claire Miller, head of technology and innovation at Octopus Electric Vehicles

The untapped potential of hybrid EVs

The electric vehicle conversation is dominated by all-electric options, and sales figures back up the shift from the age of the Prius to the age of Tesla. However, the timeline for the Global South is very different and hybrid EVs are better than ever. Hybrid EVs shouldn’t be considered a legacy technology, and may be greatly significant for their role in the path to decarbonization, explains Gautham Ram, assistant professor at TU Delft.

Price cannibalization threatens PV growth

As solar deployment increases, concerns about price cannibalization continue to be more and more relevant. Large-scale solar generation during midday hours may result in curtailment or unprofitable wholesale power prices. As supply increases, the economic viability of solar PV projects could fall into question.

Just what the doctor ordered

Laura Stachel, executive director and co-founder of We Care Solar, and a former obstetrician-gynecologist

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