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Alison Ciesla – School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering, University of New South Wales
Alison completed a PhD in Photovoltaics in 2017 focusing on reducing recombination and mitigating LID. She is the inventor of more than 10 related patents and has published more than 20 research papers. Several of her patents for which she is lead inventor have been commercialized. She was part of the team that commercialized Suntech’s laser doped and plated PLUTO cell technology. She has extensive experience in managing technology transfer and industry collaborations with many larger silicon, wafer, cell, and module manufacturers from Asia, Europe, and America.


Eren Engur – Founder & CEO, Icarus Energy
Eren is the founder of established solar and wind project developer and independent power producer Icarus Energy. Since 2005 Icarus has developed, designed, and built over 300 solar and wind energy power projects in Canada and Europe.



Florian Mayr – Partner, Apricum
Florian Mayr is a partner and the head of Apricum’s energy storage, digital energy, and green mobility practices. He is an expert for strategy, business development, and transaction advisory in the global renewable energy markets. Mayr advises cleantech companies on corporate and project financing. Prior to Apricum, he spent eight years in senior positions at McKinsey & Company and RWE, where he was mainly involved in strategy development projects. He holds a Master’s degree in engineering from the Technical University (TU) of Berlin, and an MBA from TU Berlin and the University of Mannheim.



Jay Lin – Chief Consultant, PV Guider
Jay Lin is the Chief Consultant at PV Guider. He has more than 14 years of experience in photovoltaic research, production, and system integration. PV guider is a consultancy offering quality assurance services for investors, insurers, and banks.



Jenny Chase – Manager Solar Insight, Bloomberg NEF
Jenny Chase is the Manager of Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s global Solar Insight Service. She joined BNEF mid-2005 and launched the Solar Insight Service in early 2006. Jenny has conducted or overseen all the research including PV experience curve analysis, which enabled the team to make a definite prediction of an upcoming sudden 35-40% fall in crystalline module prices a year before it happened and while most analysts were expecting slow 5-10% annual decline. The timing of the price decline in early 2009 was predicted by BNEF’s solar team with some accuracy in 2007.


Stefan Müller – COO, Enerparc
Stefan Müller is the Chief Operating Officer for Enerparc, responsible for sales activities, international business, marketing, and business development. He began his career in the solar industry in 1992 at BP Solar in Germany. During the last eight years, Stefan has worked in international management positions based in India, Spain, and Singapore, among others.



Rolf Heynen – Director, Good! New Energy
Rolf Heynen is the Director of Good! New Energy. Good! is known for the annual Dutch Solar Trend Report (also published in
English), the upcoming Solar Quarterly, the Solar Solutions international trade fair, and the Solar Business Day conference.
Good! is also active in renewable heating, smart lighting/buildings, energy storage, consulting, energy modelling, and market
research. Heynen holds degrees in both electrical engineering and political science.



Surbhi Singhvi – Manager consulting, Bridge to India
Surbhi Singhvi has over four years of experience in the energy sector. She specializes in analyzing market trends and policies in the solar sector. Prior to joining Bridge to India, she worked with CUTS International, CEEW, and India Infrastructure. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi and a Masters in Economics from GIPE, Pune.




Simon Price – CEO, Exawatt
Simon Price is CEO of Exawatt, whose consulting services combine detailed market tracking, cost analysis, and performance forecasting with a deep understanding of the technical issues at play in all facets of PV manufacturing, from polysilicon to modules and inverters. A former electrical engineer, business journalist, management consultant, and interactive entertainment software CEO, Price has been involved in solar since 2008, when he cofounded a technology company focused on solar cell surface passivation. In 2017, Exawatt expanded its coverage to include silicon carbide semiconductors and battery storage.

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