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The first chart to the right showcases the meteo station data (irradiance and ambient temperature) for June 2020. Meteo data is missing from June 22 to June 30 due to a power cut.

The average bifacial boost is 8.5% for June 2020. Bifacial boost is defined as the extra energy yield of the bifacial products compared to the average energy yield of all mono-facial mono PERC products.

The chart to the bottom right shows the comparison between different PV module technologies for June. Bifacial modules are steadily performing above all the other technologies, with multicrystalline silicon PV having the lowest yield.

Notes on the energy yield measurements:

  • The energy yield is given in Wh/Wp and calculated by dividing the energy produced by the module by the Pmax at STC of the module. This Pmax is the maximum STC power after a process of stabilization.
  • The results are grouped in categories, per module type.
  • The bifacial boost depends on many parameters: the bifaciality factor, the installation geometry, the albedo of the ground, and also the sun angle and diffuse irradiance. The ground in this case is grey gravel. 6627.jpgGeorge Touloupas

We are pleased to present the next batch of energy yield results from the outdoor test field in Xi’an, China. In this edition, George Touloupas –director of technology and quality at CEA – looks at the June results and provides additional analysis.

Test cooperation

pv magazine test is a cooperative effort involving pv magazine, CEA and Gsolar. All testing procedures are carried out at Gsolar’s test laboratory in Xi’an, China. CEA supervises these tests and designed both the indoor and outdoor testing procedures.

Bifacial boost
all in Wh/WpTotal Mar 2020Total Apr 2020Total May 2020Total Jun 2020
Average monthly yield122.16132.07122.9076.20
Average monthly bifacial yield127.39139.05129.4680.59
Average monthly mono-facial Mono PERC yield121.16130.10120.1774.28
Operation days31303121
Average daily yield3.944.403.963.63
Average daily bifacial yield4.114.644.183.84
Average daily mono-facial yield3.914.343.883.54
Bifacial boost5.1%6.9%7.7%8.5%
Energy yield ranking
#Installation MonthProductTypeTotal
Mar 2020 Wh/Wp
Apr 2020 Wh/Wp
May 2020 Wh/Wp
Jun 2020 Wh/Wp
Mar 2020 rankApr 2020 rankMay 2020 rankJun 2020 rank
18Oct-18LONGi LR6-60BP-300MBifacial Mono PERC129.34141.15132.8982.831221
26Aug-19LONGi LR6-72HBD375Bifacial Mono PERC128.78141.80133.3182.652112
27Dec-19JW-D72N-400Bifacial Mono N-TOPCon126.32138.82130.2580.984333
1May-18Jolywood JW-D60N-305Bifacial N-PERT125.34136.46128.7280.415544
17May-18NSP D6L310L3ABifacial Mono PERC127.15137.03128.4480.073455
28Apr-20Risen RSM114-6-405BMDGBifacial Mono PERC123.1476.6466
16May-18LONGi LR6-60PE-310M 2Mono PERC122.90132.15122.5276.056677
20Nov-18Phono PS380MH-24/THMono PERC120.94130.93121.2575.0210888
21Mar-19Risen RSM120-6-320MMono PERC121.30130.97121.0174.779799
10May-18Recom RCM-275-6MB-4-BB21Mono120.51129.55120.1474.5111101110
14May-18Sample 2Mono PERC121.70130.24120.5474.45791011
9May-18Aiduo AD265-60PMulti117.88127.83119.6174.0117141212
8May-18Aiduo AD280-60SMono120.23128.72119.5273.9312121313
22May-19Znshine ZXP6-60-275/PMulti119.16128.03118.5573.5715131414
2May-18Phono MWT-60-280Multi MWT119.16127.66118.4073.1814151515
3May-18Risen RSM60-6-270PMulti119.38127.60118.1373.0713161716
12May-18NSP D6LM305E3AMono PERC121.38129.30118.3872.928111617
4May-18Perlight PLM-300M-60Mono PERC118.74127.02117.3472.4816171818

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