pv magazine test: October 2019 results


The first chart above gives the meteo station data (irradiance and ambient temperature) for October 2019. The monthly energy yield data for the months from May to October 2019 are provided in the table below. The second chart above shows the total energy yield of all products for October 2019.

Control test

A control test was set up among three Znshine modules back in August 2019. One of the two graphene-coated modules (ZXP6-60-275/P) is cleaned weekly, while the other one is not cleaned at all. A module with regular glass (ZXP6-60-265/P), which is not cleaned, has been installed as a reference. The average energy yield of the three is charted to the right. Comparing the coated module (B) and the module (C) that has never been cleaned, we observed a 1.6% energy yield boost (increased 0.5% compared with September’s result) from the graphene-coated module between September and October 2019.

Overall bifacial boost for October 2019 averages 7.1%. We investigated bifacial boost for products above green colored plastic and the newly installed grey gravel background.

Energy yield ranking
May 2019
Jun 2019
Jul 2019
Aug 2019
Sep 2019
Oct 2019
May 2019 rankJun 2019 rankJul 2019 rankAug 2019 rankSep 2019 rankOct 2019 rank
18LONGi LR6-60BP-300MBifacial Mono PERC103.8991.53131.61116.9569.8180.33111111
26LONGi LR6-72HPH375Bifacial Mono PERC69.7878.9822
17NSP D6L310L3ABifacial Mono PERC101.0589.09127.61113.0568.0878.21222233
1Jolywood JW-D60N-305Bifacial N-PERT100.8088.31126.88112.9767.2577.31333344
16LONGi LR6-60PE-310M 2Mono PERC97.7085.24123.17109.2566.4575.87444455
21Risen RSM120-6-320MMono PERC95.3583.67120.49106.7765.9075.07666766
20Phono PS380MH-24/THMono PERC94.3983.26120.27107.1765.3774.621077687
14Sample 2Mono PERC95.2382.87119.14105.9964.8374.46789998
22Znshine ZXP6-60-275/PMulti105.5864.7574.1212109
12NSP D6LM305E3AMono PERC94.0481.46117.07103.3264.7574.05121414191110
7LONGi LR6-60PE-310M 1Mono PERC97.1284.16121.70107.8765.4674.055555711
10Recom RCM-275-6MB-4-BB21Mono94.9082.75119.59106.2264.4173.4689881212
8Aiduo AD280-60SMono93.9082.17118.75105.7064.0073.38141011111313
13Sample 1Mono92.3080.99116.72104.0763.6873.26161516161614
2Phono MWT-60-280Multi MWT94.4281.90118.85105.8063.8973.0791110101415
23Znshine ZXP6-60-275/P (no cleaning)Multi104.3963.8072.82141516
3Risen RSM60-6-270PMulti94.1281.62118.13105.2263.6272.72111312131717
4Perlight PLM-300M-60Mono PERC93.9281.66117.17103.9463.4472.45131213171818
24Znshine ZXP6-60-265/P (no cleaning)Multi104.2662.9271.58151919
9Aiduo AD265-60PMulti92.8880.61116.92103.8062.5671.29151615182120

* Due to improper installation procedures, the JinkoSolar module (JKM400M-72H) has been uninstalled from the outdoor test field

Author: George Touloupas

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