Research & Development

Fraunhofer ISE achieves 30.2% efficiency for silicon multi-junction solar cell

Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE has collaborated with Austrian company EV Group to achieve the record-breaking efficiency for silicon-based multi-junction solar cells.

Interview: Coveme CEO talks backsheets and Indian market opportunities

Gian Paolo Fedrigo, CEO of Italian backsheet specialist Coveme, discusses the company’s R&D strategy, product innovation, and plans for the growing Indian market.

Meyer Burger announces recapitalization program, EUR67 million HJT order

Swiss PV technology provider Meyer Burger has announced a recapitalization program that will see the company issue CHF160 million in new shares to ensure the repayment of a CHF130 million bond due in 2017, adjust the conditions of a second CHF100 million bond, proposing a 2018 put option be removed, and increase a borrowing provision on its headquarters from CHF30 million to CHF60 million.

Perovskite solar cell reaches 20.3% efficiency

Scientists from Stanford University and Oxford University have been working on solar cells made with perovskite crystal stacked in tandem, and in a recent breakthrough have achieved an energy efficiency of 20.3% using the cells, which are significantly cheaper to produce than silicon cells.

Which Chinese solar manufacturers will survive module price crunch?

The stunning fall in solar module prices being witnessed in most global markets might be good news for project developers and end-market consumers, but it is going to pose major challenges to many of the big module manufacturers.

Dyesol announce CSIRO collaboration plan

Leading Australian developers Dyesol have today announced the signing of a letter of intent (LOI) to collaborate with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in the development of perovskite solar cells (PSC).

DOE invests $21 million to speed solar adoption

The money will go to 17 projects designed to reduce soft costs and maximize solar’s benefits for states.

Oxford PV gets more investment in fresh round of funding

The British perovskite research startup has now attracted GBP 21.3 million (USD 27 million) investment over the last 18 months, which the company is using to bring the commercialization of perovskite PV technology closer to realization.

Trina Solar breaks multicrystalline silicon solar module efficiency record

The Chinese PV manufacturing heavyweight achieved an aperture efficiency record of 19.86%, which is up a significant 0.7% from the previous record of 19.14%, as the trend in the industry is for continuing efficiency improvements across all solar cells and modules.

IEA set to raise solar forecast

The International Energy Agency (IEA) is due to release its annual report in a couple of weeks, and the agency has said that it will be “significantly” raising its outlook for solar and wind installations, as more countries have been adopting climate change policies.