Arctech Solar to Supply 288MWp Tracking Systems to Mexico


The 288MWp solar farm includes two projects both located in the Ahumada of Chihuahua state. The first 144MWp installation is expected to be commercially operable by the end of 2018, and the second half will be completed in 2019. Considering the long period of irradiation time, irregular land condition and other localized requirement, innovative integration product Skyline tracking system is the ideal solution to be adopted in this project, which includes anti-theft function which can reduce on site security cost.

According to Mr. Antonio Macias Sánchez, the CEO of Bester Generación, “We’ve been very careful in choosing the suppliers for this project, for this time Arctech Solar can stand out from many global suppliers mainly because of their good quality product, high system performance, quick turn-around, efficient service and punctual delivery. I believe they can implement this project successfully.”

“It is our honor to successfully enter into the Mexican PV market with such a large-scale solar power plant,” said Mr. Guy Rong, the president of Arctech Solar's international business. ” As one of the few solar tracking companies who own fully integrated production capabilities, we can monitor our product quality through the whole production process, which guarantee the punctual delivery, even when we have only 90 days delivery time from production to project site for this first 144MWp project. Additionally, with our local engineering expertise and local office in Mexico City, this project will enjoy our well-rounded support. With our sustaining effort in Mexican market and the pipeline we have obtained, Arctech Solar-branded products will become increasingly visible in this region.”