AS Solar Benelux becomes GPC Europe

Although the PV-market is going through tough times in several countries, GPC Europe (the former AS Solar Benelux) has full confidence in the future. Because of a buyout the company becomes a full 100% Belgian company. For our partners there is no big change, with exception for the name. Ignace Dumon, co-founder and general manager: “The Benelux is still our home market which we approach on our well-known motivated way. Moreover we will increase our international business. This is emphasized in the company name which changes into Grid Parity Concepts Europe or in short GPC Europe.”

Geert Maenhout, managing director: “This is a great moment for our company. The buyout expresses our full confidence in the PV-market. We wish to fulfill our role as strong player, this both on our local market and on the European market. Therefore we will continue to use our strengths such as service, complete product range, short delivery times, strong logistics and a user-friendly webshop.”

Ignace Dumon: “ PV-market is in a lot of countries under pressure but as being part of the society we are obliged to ourselves to follow the path of renewable energy. Moreover, the increasing energy cost will push the consumer towards solar energy. Grid Parity means that the production cost for solar electricity is at the same level as the selling cost for grey electricity, what makes investing in solar energy cost neutral. GPC Europe reflects this idea. We want to proceed in our role to make grid parity soon possible and to build in this way together with our partners towards a green future.” More information on: More information concerning this press release: GPC Europe bvba Amin Emami, Marketing & Communication GPC Europe bvba Grid Parity Concepts Europe bvba, in short GPC Europe, is a wholesaler in solar modules and accessories.

Our vision is to make green electricity out of solar panels for everyone accessible to contribute in this way to the reduction of the CO2-emissions. Besides the Benelux market, GPC Europe is also internationally active with partners in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France and Asia. Disclaimer GPC Europe does not assume any legal or other responsibility, or any other liability concerning the information set forth in this or any other press release published by GPC Europe. Actual market conditions and performance of GPC Europe may differ from the predictions. All the estimates are based on current market conditions and trends known to GPC Europe at the date of publishing the press release. These estimates can change without GPC Europe’s liability to change, update, or correct the information.