Billion Electric unveils Solar Powered Electrical Bicycle Station in New York Liberty Park


Billion Electric Co. Ltd., a provider of carrier-grade network equipment and energy management solutions in Asia Pacific, collaborated with 10 leading Taiwanese green technology companies to complete Eco Power Station Project and build a self-efficient electric bicycle station – Skynergy. With the mission of reducing CO2 emission and slowing down the global warming crisis, Skynergy currently showcases in Liberty Park, New Jersey, bringing new “Green” vision to the city.

Skynergy is a central power plant built by standard shipping container which will be run by US bike rental and tour company-Bike and Roll. Skynergy integrates solar power system, power storage equipment, and energy management solution, serving as a unified platform for monitoring, analysis, and control in cope with different situations for resources provision. The unprecedented, contained-based Solar Power Electrical Bicycle Station is highly mobile due to it’s innovative design, which can also be adopted for emergency relief, medical services, and energy storage station in rural or suburban areas.

Skynergy generated power by the solar units and stored the energy in a smart lithium battery as the primary source of energy. Power storage equipment stores excessive power as fuel cell and provides power backup in case any power shortage. The fuel cell can provide more than 8 hours of backup power while operating at its maximum output.

Billion offers SEMS, a cloud-based Smart Energy Management solution with a total of five Intelligent Concurrent Control Boxes – SG3030. SG3030 controls the power input/output of each bicycle and monitors the charging activity. The Smart Gateway – SG6200NXL, acting as the communication backbone for SEMS, analyzes the energy consumption and transfers the information into statistical data report on the cloud centralized management platform.

An opening ceremony was held at Liberty Park, New Jersey on July 12th and a seminar on next day to discuss the development of future power, microgrid, and energy storage market, attracting more than 150 professional from sustainable energy group and Manhattan chamber of commerce. "Sknergy is a huge step in achieving environmental sustainability. Through this project, we have shown our strong R&D capability and successfully marketed Billion’s green products to the world”, said Ben Jien, ESCO/EMC Business Director of Billion Electric.