Breakthrough Battery Additive is found to be the key to Doubling Battery Life


Battery Equaliser is patented, well documented and fully tested. Tests have shown that with normal battery maintenance, battery life will double with only one treatment. The additive also reduces charging time and increases discharging time. For the mariner, this means less time plugged into the dock or running an auxiliary power source to get the batteries charged and ready for duty.

Battery Equaliser mixed with electrolyte solution (of any lead-acid battery) dissolves existing sulfation and prevents new deposits from forming, for several years. In Europe, in the 1980s, Battery Equaliser was a doctorial thesis, researched by Dr. John Willis-New, (now a triple PhD). Battery Equaliser’s International Patent was expanded to cover the US in 1997. The product has been sold in at least 30 countries and is now available in the United States, industrial warehouses and golf courses nationwide have already experienced the benefits. Mariners, who generally do not have the luxury of using their boats or batteries daily, will note that Battery Equaliser will allow them to store their boats up to three times longer without the batteries loosing their charging. "We're excited to bring this product into the US marine market ,” said Ken Hardesty, General Manager of Battery Equaliser, USA. “Every boater would prefer to run their genset to charge batteries as little as possible, to cut down on noise and fuel consumption.

Battery Equaliser can help make that happen." Battery Equaliser is currently available in three sizes: The quart container is good for the treatment of larger batteries or the equivalent of ten automotive batteries and retails for $49.95. The twelve-ounce bottle will treat four car-size batteries or one 8D battery and runs $19.95. Battery Equaliser will introduce, this summer, a three-ounce bottle ($5.95) available for a single automotive battery treatment. M

ariners can choose the size right for their battery needs. The product is gaining wider marine industry acceptance and distribution and can be found in most chandleries and marine hardware stores. "We save batteries and therefore money," added Hardesty, "along with a positive impact on the environment. This product potentially reduces the amount of lead needed for new battery manufacturing and with the increased lifetime of old batteries, there will be fewer of them in our landfills." More information on the company, the product, general battery functionality or third party test results, contact Ken Hardesty at (888) 851-4431 or visit the web site at