CHG’s new 20GW cells plant signed at the 2023 WMC


On the morning of September 20th, the 2023 World Manufacturing Convention opened in Binhu International Exhibition Center in Hefei. With a total investment of 10 billion yuan, the 20GW high-efficiency cells manufacturing project of Anqing CHG Green Building was signed at the main venue.

The project covers a total area of 667 acres and will be constructed in two phases. After the project fully completed, it is estimated that the annual output value will be about 18 billion yuan and provide about 3,000 jobs.

In the exhibition, the N-type TOPCon cell displayed by CHG EnSOL adopts the international leading large-size ultra-thin N-type silicon wafer and the industry-leading TOPCon cell technology. The passivation contact structure of the product can significantly improve the open circuit voltage and fill factor of the cell; the design of selective emitter and multi-busbar greatly reduces metal recombination and optimizes the transmission path of carriers; ultra-thin polysilicon passivation layer technology improves the bifacial rate of the cell to 85%; heterogeneous gradient antireflection film technology significantly improves the  uniformity and consistency of cell‘s appearance color.

CHG EnSOL Exhibition Site

CHG actively responds to boost green energy development, strides into high-end manufacturing, and has invested in the construction of CHG EnSOL Renewable Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to “CHG EnSOL”),Fengtai Photovoltaic Industry Base. Fengtai Photovoltaic Industry Base has a total investment of approximately 16.8 billion yuan and covers a total area of over 1600 acres. The project is planned and constructed in five phases, with the capacity of 30GW n-TOPCon cells. The first and second phase construction of 6GW advanced n-TOPCon cells, with an investment of about 3.2 billion yuan, has been successfully put into production; in August 2023, the third and fourth phases of investment have been launched, planning the construction of 16GW advanced n-TOPCon cells, with an investment of 8.6 billion yuan; in the second half of 2024, the fifth phase of project will be launched to produce 8GW advanced n-TOPCon cells, with an investment of about 500 million yuan. After the project fully completed, the annual value of production is planned to reach 50 billion yuan, the total tax revenue is planned to exceed 1 billion yuan, and plans to create about 6000 jobs.

Cell Production Line of Fengtai Base

With the signing of Anqing 20GW new base, CHG EnSOL will form 50GW cell production capacity. As a newcomer to the photovoltaic industry, it is ambitious. In today's industry environment, is this dark horse overtaking in a corner or starting off well but losing its way? We will wait and see!