City of Milwaukee chooses SunReports’ energy monitoring system for citywide solar program

The City of Milwaukee launched its solar program, Milwaukee Shines, to increase interest and investment in solar after the city was named one of 25 “Solar America Cities” by the U.S. Department of Energy. The city turned to SunReports to help track energy use and solar generation across the city’s properties with the goal of supplying Milwaukee Shines with data to plan for future solar installations.

SunReports’ Apollo2 system will be installed in more than 20 city and community locations including firehouses, the central library, Boys and Girls Club locations and the Milwaukee School of Engineering. The Apollo2 is an easy-to-install device that communicates with a user-friendly web portal, providing a complete plug-and-play monitoring solution that will help the City of Milwaukee keep a close eye on its systems’ performance. The resulting data will provide valuable feedback about the effectiveness of the solar installations, helping the City make informed decisions about future projects, while increasing overall renewable energy awareness.

“Our facility managers will be able to monitor both solar electric (PV) and solar thermal installations accurately to ensure optimal energy production and to identify repair needs as soon as they arise. Since it monitors both solar hot water and PV with high precision, SunReports’ Apollo2 systems will provide us with easy to use results,” said Amy Heart, Solar Program Manager for the City of Milwaukee. “Beyond relying on data for internal decision making, we’ll use the SunReports web portal to help Milwaukeeans engage in our leading solar program.”

The SunReports online interface produces customizable reports designed to deliver key information at a glance. To translate data into more meaningful context, these reports include equivalent values showing the direct impact a solar installation has on the planet including tons of carbon emissions avoided, equivalent tons of coal saved, and equivalent miles not driven.

“Milwaukee Shines provides the perfect showcase for what SunReports does best,” said Thomas Dinkel, CEO of SunReports. “Our technology will accurately monitor both PV and solar hot water installations and display that information on both web-portals and Facebook. Then, our online interface will translate that monitoring data into a tool for both building the City’s bottom lines and sparking community conversations on energy.”

Thomas Dinkel, CEO of SunReports will speak at SOLAR THERMAL ’11, the Solar Thermal National Heating and Cooling Conference held from Dec 1 to 2 at the Milwaukee Hyatt.