FormulaRun solar tracking system launched by Runsol


On Jul 07 2018, the 20 years summit of China PV industry was held in Huangshan-one of the most famous resort.Recently the China 531 policy shocked the Chinese PV market,the market capacity of 2018 is expected to downsize by 20GW or 40%.Under such harsh situation, grid parity becomes the only choice of further growth.The Runsol breakthrough FormulaRun solar tracker with its great simplicity and robust reliability is right on time to support grid parity.

FormulaRun Tracking System: FormulaRun Tracking System is powered by Planet Push Pull Mechnism, which is an breakthrough international patented drive system innovated by Runsol. Planet Push Pull Mechanism (PPPM) provides the perfect solution for major Industry pain points such as heavy slewing gear installation, high foundation for drive system, shadows to the adjacent PV modules etc. Furthermore, the cost is effectively lower than traditional Slewing Drives. In plus, FormulaRun equips newly developed PV Module fixed structure for faster installation, smaller module gaps and therefore lower EPC costs.

Key point of PPPM is that Arched Rack fixed onto the Connection Rod works with the Parallelogram Planar four-bar linkage mechanism to make sure the Driving Gear meshes with the Arched Rack perfectly and the Arched Rack orbits the Drive Gear just like planet tracks the sun with circular orbit.

“We highly value the Craftsman’s spirit to make the most innovative solar tracking systems reliable and cost effective, to create the leading brand in the industry globally. We believe the FormulaRun system is the most advanced horizontal single axis tracker and it will contribute significantly for realizing grid parity.”Said Mr Sun haitao ,President of RUNSOL .

“I believe with the amazing FormulaRun tracker product, RUNSOL can overcome the Chinese solar market crisis and grow to be the leading brand in tracker industry.” Said Professor Li Huixin,expect of solar in China.