Global greentech pioneer Hopewind enters German market


Global greentech giant Hopewind is entering the German market, bringing its extensive expertise in energy management solutions and services for renewable energy. With over ten years of experience as a market leader in China, the publicly traded company focuses on supplying the German photovoltaic market with certified string inverters for industrial applications.

Tech group with global mission for energy transition

Hopewind, founded in 2007, is a world leader in sustainable energy systems and a strong partner for greentech energy solutions in global projects. With its expertise, the company plans to become the leading supplier of inverters for photovoltaics in Germany and presents new products for the energy management of industrial, commercial and service companies.

Hopewind closes gap in German photovoltaic market

Hopewind's high-quality products are easy to install, offer outstanding performance and an attractive price-performance ratio. By providing these solutions, Hopewind is closing the gap in the German photovoltaic market and addressing supply shortages of the past months. With an input capacity of 20 amps and an efficiency of 98.6%, Hopewind's inverters enable adaptation to larger PV panels, increase grid stability and guarantee increased energy efficiency.

Innovation and customer satisfaction as top priorities

Hopewind plans to further expand its offering in the German market during the year and continue its successful role as a global enabler in the fight against the climate crisis.