Intersolar: Phaesun GmbH presents new stand-alone pump inverter PN-AP


Integrated MPP trackers ensure that the device finds the maximum power point of the solar generator at any time. The maximum efficiency of the new device is 97 percent.

Phaesun will be showing the PN-AP inverter for the first time at the Intersolar Europe 2011 trade fair. It is part of a turnkey solution that also includes solar modules, structures, a pump, a tank and cabling.

The photovoltaic water pumping system was developed specifically for the operation in remote areas. It can be used for community drinking water supply, livestock breeding and agricultural irrigation. Phaesun will distribute the pump internationally.

The PN-AP withstands rough climatic conditions through its high quality cooling system and its robust IP 55 stainless steel housing. The highly compact and lightweight box is simple to install.

Components can be exchanged very fast, which makes after sales service very easy and economical.

Status information at a glance

To keep the system operator informed at all times, the PN-AP inverter displays all the important system parameters via a 16-character LCD screen. Five coloured LEDs on the user interface describe the pumping system’s state permanently.

They indicate, for example, a lack of water in the well, an overload on the pump side or overheating. Thus, they protect the system against dry running, over voltage, high temperatures and other sources of disturbance.

The new PN-AP pump inverter is based on the former BP-AP inverter from BP solar. “The BP-AP has been in operation for the last five years in remote areas for PV water pumping applications, where failure is not an option,” says Russom Semere, Technical Director at Phaesun.

He adds: “Customer confidence in the product is extremely high thanks to its robust construction, easy installation, convenient monitoring and no maintenance requirements.” Phaesun offers the largest range of 100 percent photovoltaic or hybrid pumping systems with a range from 180 to 9600 watt peak power and can deliver up to 150,000 litres of water per day from depths of more than 300 meters.