Jubilee, record-breaking ENEX – “energy expo” abounds with attractions and surprises for visitors


The jubilee ENEX Expo already promises to be a record-breaking one and mark its place in history! 8 and 9 March 2023 – this is when Targi Kielce will host over 220 exhibitors, including companies such as SOLTEC, Solplanet, Fronius, Ochsner, Sunprofi, K2 Systems, KENO, Grodno. The exhibitors' list already includes companies from 12 countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Greece, the Netherlands, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Turkey). The most important industry institutions involved in various pro-ecological activities and initiatives join the expo. The Kielce exhibition and congress centre's expo halls are the showcase for leading companies offering ecological devices and modern heating and cooling systems, producers, installers and distributors of the latest photovoltaic solutions, mineral resources mines and companies associated with mining, metallurgical and energy sectors, as well as representatives of car showrooms presenting the latest models of electric cars join the expo.

MiastOZE 2020 – the RES-city packed with energy!

ENEX Expo visitors are invited to pay a visit to the RESCity packed with Energy – CITY OF RES – a large GLOBEnergia exhibition zone, with over 30 leading industry companies presenting their portfolios, offering the most cutting-edge devices in the market. The two day-expo's arena features product premieres of the latest RES solutions from, inter alia: Corab, SolarEdge, Panasonic, Viessmann and Mitsubishi Electric. In addition, the ENEX offers the RESCitiy zone, which opens on the first day. You will be able to take part in an urban game which can win you attractive prizes.

The National Photovoltaics and Solar Energy Storage Forum SOLAR+ and the XIII National HEAT PUMPS FORUM.

The first day of the ENEX sees the 16th Heat Pumps Forum held in the RESCity zone. The seminar offers the opportunity to learn about technical aspects and product innovations in the heat pump sector and heating technology in general. This is also the possibility of obtaining co-financing for this type of technology and the chance to exchange experience within the installators milieus. “BEST PRACTICES IN BEST HANDS” Contest results announcements are also a part of the meeting. Representatives of the photovoltaic and solar collectors industry, investors, representatives of local authorities and solar energy enthusiasts can take part in the Solar+ Photovoltaic Forum, held on 9 March 2023. This is a nationwide conference devoted to the PV industry, the issues related to the future of photovoltaics in Poland, and the dynamic development of energy storage facilities. Prior registration is required for the admission-free event.

The ENERGIA PL conference

All those interested in the latest trends, projects and solutions in energy storage are invited to participate in the 5th ENERGIA PL conference, which is held on the first day of the ENEX Expo. The meeting is divided into four thematic groups: law, energy management systems, financial products and implementation examples from the market and energy storage. The speakers' list comprises lawyers, experts in the field of distributed power engineering and energy storage, experts in buildings energy efficiency and experts in energy and hydrogen technologies

The “Installer of the Year” tournament – the best contractors in the photovoltaic industry in Poland.

Corab SA organises a tournament for the best contractors in the photovoltaic industry in Poland. Contenders fight for the title of “Installer of the Year 2023” and win very attractive prizes. The competition is held during the ENEX Expo. The organisers' objective is to find the most effective practices in the photovoltaic installation and to select a team of installers who efficiently prepare the photovoltaic installation and make it operational.

YouTuber Zone at the ENEX Expo

The two jubilee ENEX Expos offer a meeting with the most recognisable YouTubers, passionate about modern technologies for energy saving and those technologies having a positive impact on the environment. The two-day show's agenda includes meetings with  Waldek from “Heat pump and PV”, Sławomir – the host of the “Photovoltaic Panels” channel, Maciej from “HOLIBOOD – A Healthy House” and Michał from the “e-Travelling all over Poland” channel.

The jubilee ENEX Expo is accompanied by the parallelly-held International Environmental Protection and Waste Management Expo EKOTECH. We look forward to seeing you at Targi Kielce's trade shows held on 8 and 9 March 2023.

Prior registration required for the admission-free event – www.targikielce.pl/enex