KSTAR continues to develop energy storage market in Europe


The joint venture, who has a current annual output of 2GWh of energy storage PACK, builds an industry-leading digital and intelligent energy storage platform to empower a double-carbon strategy.

With an international advanced production line, KSTAR eyes greater consolidation in the European energy storage market moving forward. CATL- KSTAR energy storage solution BluE Series has been widely installed in Europe as an OEM manufacturer and supplier. Our solar-plus-storage system helps our customers save money, generate clean electricity, and boost resiliency by pairing solar generation with a battery.

“Today’s energy storage market development is an expansion strategy within the Europe PV market”, KSTAR said, “Growing the presence in Europe like Italy, Netherlands, UK and other countries, we intend to look for more distributors, EPC and agents to partner with us for the residential, commercial and utility projects.”

The global energy storage market will grow to deploy 58GW/178GWh annually by 2030, with the US and China representing 54% of all deployments. Germany meanwhile could be set for a resurgence to become the third-biggest market by 2024, again driven largely by policy, this time a 200GW solar PV target which will drive battery adoption alongside residential solar, according to forecasting by BloombergNEF.

Europe is a big energy storage market. To increase the ESS capacity in Europe, KSTAR has established a sales network with international coverage in Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey. The company will continue to be dedicated to integrated R&D into and production, sales and servicing of energy storage system PCS, special energy storage PACK and solar photovoltaic energy charging products for our global customers.