One comparison for all data loggers: SMA, Meteocontrol, Solar-Log, Huawei and more


Both for professionals and prosumers, it is hard to find the right data logger. Models diverge in their functionalities depending on the systems they are designed to fit with. They come with specific measurement interfaces for dedicated hardware and are often compatible with a limited scope of monitoring software. Looking for the right match meant scrolling through datasheets for hours so far.

To help solar PV owners and service providers make fast and confident decisions, Solytic has done the research for them and published a compact comparison of all major data logger brands in the world such as SMA, Meteocontrol, Solar-Log, Huawei, and more.

Simple decision support for individual needs

In an interactive overview, users can filter data loggers according to pricing and functionalities. You can also find out what optimal data logger should be capable of doing, from necessary interfaces to requirements for IT security and feed-in management. All this helps to save time, find the best price-performance ratio, and monitor the system’s performance optimally.

A neutral and collaborative project to be expanded

With a vision of a decentralized solar ecosystem in mind, Soylitic published this comparison in direct exchange with all participating manufacturers. Being a pure software provider, Solytic is hardware-independent and neutral towards all data loggers. This one is the second in a row of solar comparisons and will see successors in the near future such as a comparison for battery storage.