Product launch under the name ValkCableCare


The ValkCableCare products fit perfectly on the ValkPro+ and ValkPitched mounting systems for PV panels for flat and pitched roofs. By adding these products to the portfolio, Van der Valk Solar Systems offers their clients the possibility to optimise the communication, planning and logistics of the PV projects. ValkCableCare has two product lines: “Access” and “Premium”.

ValkCableCare “Access” contains cable baskets which can be connected with to each other by using “snap-on” coupling plates for straight sections and clamps in curved sections. An important advantage is that the “Access” cable baskets can be placed on the openings of the rubber ValkPro+ rubber tile carriers.

ValkCableCare “Premium” contains cable baskets and accessories of the brand “RoofSupport Click”. These products are standard supplied with smart “click” couplings. As a result, the installation is fast and safe, without the need for extra tools. With RoofSupport Click a 100 meter
potential equalization is guaranteed and standard delivered with roof support blocks.

There’s a complete range of cable baskets and accessories for both product lines. Safety, quality and usability is of utmost importance. Thanks to the reliable connections and excellent conductivity of the cable baskets, earthing and equalization of potential is easy.