SolarPower Europe launches ‘We Are All Generation Solar’ campaign


“In the first video we visit a solar powered school in Brussels, the solar panels are generating more than €180,000 in savings which means that they can reinvest their money into other education initiatives and equipment for the students – this is a real example of solar powering the next generation” said Kristina Thoring, Communications Director of SolarPower Europe.

“We have families from schools all over the world and some of them found it hilarious that we were thinking of putting solar panels on a school roof in Belgium. It is amazing to find out that that all year round solar can be contributing to our energy needs” said Helen Brown, Principal of Le Versau International School.

Thoring added: “Solar is the fastest growing power generation source in the world, we are convinced that no other technology will play such a major role in re-shaping the world in which we live. With this campaign we want to shine a light on the massive appeal solar has today and show through interviews with European citizens, how solar is leading the energy transition.”

Aurelie Beauvais, Policy Director of SolarPower Europe said: “The campaign shows how solar is putting the citizen at the heart of the energy transition. From Belgium to Romania, Austria to Norway, citizens are investing in solar in their homes and apartments, schools and farms. This campaign perfectly illustrates the key role of small scale solar installations in driving the energy transition. It is a timely reminder to the policymakers currently debating the future of small scale renewable installations in the Electricity Market Design legislation that solar is crucial to move the consumer centred clean energy transition forward'.

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