SOLUXTEC products now guaranteed for 20 years


Which is reassuring to investors, given that the efficiency of the modules averages out at 80.20% over 25 years. Good news never comes on its own: SOLUXTEC products have been certified as “Grade A investments” by the France-based organisation ORAVIA. It goes without saying that this certification is a significant asset and assures potential clients of greater financial security. What is more, SOLUXTEC is pulling out all the stops to guarantee the quality of its products to clients through constant development, an increasingly innovative range of products, and by providing excellent service at all times. This can be seen in the general integration of the embedded technology DELight, which monitors the modules' production. Plenty of good reasons for putting in a bid in response to CRE's (Commission de Régulation de l'Énergie's) call for tenders.