Thornova Solar Products Approved for Mosaic AVL


Thornova Solar’s products have now been added to the Mosaic Approved Vendor List (AVL). As an approved vendor, Thornova’s innovative solar panels can now be included in residential solar projects using Mosaic’s flexible, easy-to-use consumer financing platform.

Mosaic has provided over $10 billion in loans for sustainable home improvements that reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. With Mosaic, installers can offer their customers a seamless financing experience, with competitive rates, low payments and near-instantaneous approvals.

Clean Energy For All

Today’s consumers understand the value of transitioning to renewable sources of energy. However, for more American households to gain access to clean energy, they need financing solutions that are both easily attainable and affordable.

Thornova shares Mosaic’s vision to expand access to clean energy for all. Mosaic’s PowerSwitch loans help homeowners finance solar installations to reduce energy costs, increase the value of their home, and take advantage of state and federal solar tax credits and incentives.

Building the Market for Solar Installers

By working with Mosaic, Thornova helps solar installers expand their market share, while enhancing their services. Through Mosaic’s financing platform, installers can ensure homeowners maximize their energy savings from their solar investments.

As an value-add service to its customers, Thornova will help solar installers get up to speed on the Mosaic platform. If you have any questions about adding Mosaic to your finance offerings, feel free to contact us.