Q1 2022: E-Mobility – On a greener road to transportation

Urban transportation is key to modern civilization. It has enabled humans to travel long distances and is one of the building blocks of industry and leisure. But it has come at a cost, contributing to a dangerous carbon footprint, high levels of smog, a growing inequality gap, and the destruction of some of our most fragile environments. Indeed, according to Project Drawdown, a nonprofit collaborative established in 2013 to model solutions to reverse global warming, transportation accounts for 14% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. And our appetite is only growing.

Fortunately, there are already many working projects demonstrating the potential to electrify the world’s transportation sectors. Thus, in the first quarter of 2022, pv magazine’s UP Initiative will focus on the rise of e-mobility and how it can complement the renewable energy transition. Specifically, we will examine the role electric vehicles, trains, and two- and three-wheelers can play in greening the electricity grid.

pv magazine 12/2021

Rush hour: Presentation of the quarterly theme.

pv magazine 01/2022

V2G driving grid changes: The uptake of EVs in the years ahead will add up to staggering battery capacity, mostly sitting idle on driveways. The two-way flow of electricity from EV batteries, known as vehicle to grid, could not only enable power systems to rely on intermittent renewables, but could also be the trump card for network operators to respond to grid disturbances. However, there are still a few catches to be worked out, as Marija Maisch explains.

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