Q3 2020: Circular manufacturing

The next quarterly theme is focusing on circular manufacturing. We are investigating if adopting circular approaches can create competitive edges and reap financial and reputational rewards. We’ll also look at what is already being done in the solar industry, and examine how such principles could be effectively integrated into business strategies.

pv magazine 06/2020
Doughnuts are the new green: Presentation of the quarterly theme.

pv magazine 06/2020
We will need a solution’: Circusol’s five demonstration projects are providing insights into how circular-economy principles can be applied to PV.

Inverted sustainability: In the EU, a range of new projects and legislative acts determine the direction, with some suppliers of solar products already undergoing the process of identifying the sustainability hotspots.

pv magazine 07/2020

Making solar sizzle: What is circular manufacturing, why is it important, and how is it being applied in the solar and storage industries? pv magazine’s UP initiative investigates.


Designing circular solar modules: Amid a growing appetite for sustainability from customers, Lithuanian solar panel maker Solitek is applying circular principles to its production operations. Measures include embracing digitalization and new approaches to design. Project manager Tadas Radavičius has spoken to pv magazine about the company’s work and how Solitek is supporting European projects which are considering circular solar.

How a German startup aims to alleviate energy poverty with circular solar solutions: SunCrafter is a small German startup with a global ambition: to alleviate energy poverty by upcycling used solar PV modules. Having established an innovative business model, which sees it subsidizing its goals by meeting the infrastructure needs of big events and festivals, it has now partnered with EU-funded project Circusol to demonstrate the viability of circular renewables. pv magazine interviewed SunCrafter CEO and co-founder Lisa Wendzich as part of the UP initiative’s circular manufacturing quarterly theme.

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