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Iraqi Kurdistan resorts to solar to reduce power shortages

A 2MW pilot project is now being developed in the Governorate of Duhok. The project was funded with $2 million by the European Union.

Solar is gaining traction in MENA region – but plenty of obstacles remain

Solar deployment continued to pick up in the Middle East and North Africa in 2019, the Middle East Solar Industry Association has said in its annual report.


Iraq plans second 750 MW solar tender

Raad Al Haris, an energy advisor to the prime minister, announced the idea at the Energy Transition in the Arab World conference held in Berlin this week. Al Haris also revealed the Iraqi government has pre-qualified 45 bidders for the first tender.


Renewables and geopolitics: The United States

An accelerated transition to renewables could go either way, regarding the United States’ unique geopolitical strength. According to Indra Overland – head of the Center for Energy Research at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs – the U.S. could surrender a major advantage if it abandons fossil fuel. The nation could, however, remain dominant in the global energy sector if it continues to lead on innovation and clean energy tech-related intellectual property.


Iraq kicks off huge 755 MW solar tender

The Ministry of Electricity is tendering a 30 MW plant, four 50 MW projects, and two much bigger projects, with capacities of 225 MW and 300 MW. The plants are intended to begin commercial operations next year.


Iraq takes first concrete steps into solar

The United Nations Development Program wants consultants for Iraq’s PV policy, aimed at helping the Ministry of Electricity in the construction of utility-scale solar plants, as well as in the deployment of 5 MW of residential PV. Frost and Sullivan forecasts around 5 GW of solar capacity may be installed by 2028.


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