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Dutch transmission system operator releases online map showing available grid capacity

The interactive map gives solar and wind project developers, as well as regional grid operators direct insight into where and how much capacity is available at Tennet’s high-voltage stations.

Storage ready hybrid string inverter from Tigo

The new inverter can be used for both DC or AC coupled systems and has an efficiency of up to 98.5%. Available in two versions with power of 7.6 and 11.4 kW, respectively, the device features up to 200% DC oversizing, and 50 V starting voltage.

PV-powered autonomous sea access for people with disabilities

Greek startup Tobea has developed a PV-powered platform for people with disabilities. The system consists of a fixed-track mechanism in which a moving chair can be shifted in and out of the water. It can be powered by conventional modules and relies on a battery supplied by a Greek manufacturer.

Triple Solar unveils new photovoltaic thermal panel for heat-pump houses

Dutch company Triple Solar has launched a new PVT module for residential applications which can be connected to water-to-water or PVT heat pumps. The new panel is said to be 10% larger and have a 15% higher output than the company’s other products and can reach a PV power output of 450 W.

Fraunhofer ISE develops solder-free aluminum interconnection tech for shingled PV modules

The German research institute has unveiled a novel interconnection technology for shingled PV modules that eliminates the need for electrically conductive adhesives and screen-printed busbars. It consists of an 8-μm-thick aluminum foil that is joined to the silicon nitride (SiNX) passivation via laser metal bond (LMB). When integrated in a solar module, the efficiency of the new interconnector improved by 0.7%.

New rules to boost Indonesian net metered rooftop PV

The new rules will increase the PV net metering factor from 0.65 to 100 and the credit accumulation period from three to six months.

Residential battery inverter from the US

US storage system provider NeoVolta has developed a battery inverter that provides 32 A of AC output power. It has a storage capacity of 14.4 KWh that can be expanded to 24.0 kWh with the addition of another battery without the need for a second inverter.

Novel technique to prevent fires in lithium-ion batteries

Singaporean scientists have developed a special device that prevents the formation of dendrites in lithium-ion storage. The additional layer they created works as an interface on behalf of the negative electrode, to exchange lithium-ions with the positive electrode.

Agrivoltaics for strip farming

Vattenfall is leading a Dutch consortium in a research project to assess whether agrivoltaics is also compatible with strip cropping. The company’s head of Solar Development NL, Annemarie Schouten, spoke with pv magazine about the first 0.7 MW pilot project under development in the northern Dutch province of Flevoland.


Croatia launches rebate scheme for rooftop PV

The €7.4 million scheme is being financed through the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021. Rebates will cover up to 85% of the costs for buying and installing a PV system.

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