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Chinese PV industry may reach 500 GW module capacity by year end

According to Asia Europe Clean Energy (Solar) Advisory (AECEA), this huge capacity may not be met by actual demand in the global market. Furthermore, the consultancy reveals that solar module prices should reach a price level of up to RMB 1.75 ($028)/W by the second half of the year, and that in 2021 new PV additions totaled 53 GW with more than half of this capacity being delivered by distributed generation.

Four-terminal perovskite/silicon tandem solar cell with 15.5% efficiency

Researchers in India have built the 4T device with top and bottom cells based on large-area semi-transparent perovskite cells with copper metal contacts. Copper has been used instead of expensive gold with the aim of reducing the cell’s overall cost.

Photovoltaic-thermal panel from China

Developed by Chinese specialist SolarMaster, the panel is sold in four different versions with photovoltaic output ranging from 340 to 545 W and solar thermal output of 910 to 1,436 W.

Residential heat storage system uses PV electricity for space heating, hot water

France-based FHE Group has developed a 2.5 kWh storage device that can store electricity as heat during the day and release this heat at night to power a heat pump for space heating and hot water. According to the manufacturer, it can retain over 95% of its initial performance after 20,000 cycles.

Quantum battery prototype for superextensive charging

Scientists in Italy designed the prototype as a microcavity enclosing a molecular dye known as Lumogen-F orange (LFO). The charging power of the device is described as super-extensive, meaning that it increases faster with battery size.

Turkey added 1.14 GW of PV capacity in 2021

According to official statistics from grid operator TEIAS, the country’s cumulative PV capacity reached 7.81 GW at the end of December.



TOPCon solar cells are on their way to fully compete with PERC solar products, according to recent research from Germany’s Fraunhofer ISE. Efficiency gains for the TOPCon concept, however, are necessary to help it capture more market share, as production costs remain higher than those for PERC tech. A series of cost-driven strategies to make TOPCon modules advance were outlined in the study.

Norway deployed 65MW of solar in 2021

The provisional figure took the nation to a cumulative 215MW at the end of the year, according to new statistics provided by Norwegian solar industry organization the Solenergiklyngen.


Sungrow presents new central inverter

Called the 1+X modular inverter, the new product can be deployed, by combining eight units, to reach a power of 8.8MW. It also features a DC/ESS interface for the connection of storage energy systems.

Shell acquires PV project pipeline in Italy

The energy giant acquired solar-konzept Italia Srl, which has a portfolio of solar projects at different stages of approval and development. The solar parks are planned to sell electricity to commercial and industrial customers.


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