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Semitransparent perovskite solar cell with 11.6% efficiency

Italian scientists have used a titanium oxide sponge to successfully prevent lead leakage in a semitransparent solar cell. The device has demonstrated comparable efficiency to semi-transparent perovskite devices and has an average visible transmittance (AVT) of 31.4%.


Hybridizing gravity energy storage with batteries, supercapacitors

Developed by Chinese researchers, the novel hybrid storage technology may achieve an efficiency of over 80% and be applied in distribution and transmission grids. The proposed combination is reportedly able to offer the advantages of gravity energy storage and power-based storage systems in a single solution.

Assessing effectiveness of icephobic coatings on PV systems located at high latitudes

A Norwegian research team assessed the snow deposits on photovoltaic panels and the consequent energy losses via the PVsyst software and utilized the so-called Marion’s algorithm (MA) for evaluating the sliding coefficient. It found the coatings may effectively reduce energy losses caused by snow and ice but said the commercial feasibility of these materials should be further investigated.

Tokuyama, OCI plan to build 10,000 MT polysilicon factory in Malaysia

Tokuyama said the new factory should meet increasing demand for polysilicon. OCI already operates a polysilicon manufacturing facility in Malaysia.


First attempt to repair glass-damaged solar panels

A Dutch research group has used a series of techniques from the automotive industry to develop a novel methodology to repair glass in double-glass solar panels. Their experimental work represents the step towards transforming glass-damaged solar panels from waste into valuable products.


Improving ground-mounted solar power plant performance via orbiting reflectors

Scientists in the United Kingdom have proposed using orbiting solar reflectors to enhance the electricity yield of terrestrial solar power plants. They claim this new technology may be particularly beneficial for improving generation at dusk and dawn, when irradiance is lower.


UK plans to slash VAT on residential batteries

The UK cabinet plans to introduce a new measure to eliminate the value-added tax (VAT) on residential batteries installed after solar panels.


Dutch regulator warns of EMC issues, hacking risks for solar inverters

Most solar inverters in the Netherlands fail electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements, posing interference risks and raising the threat of hacking, says the National Inspectorate for Digital Infrastructure (RDI).

Israel launches tender to lease land in Negev desert for solar deployment

The Israeli authorities said new solar projects will be built in Israel’s Ramat Bekaa special industrial zone.

Novel design for inverted all-perovskite bilayer solar cells with 24.83% efficiency

An international research team has crafted an innovative solar cell design. By employing a top absorber consisting of methylammonium lead iodide (MAPbI3), a lead-halide perovskite, and a bottom absorber composed of FA0.5MA0.5Pb0.5Sn0.5I3, a perovskite material, the cell maximizes light absorption across a broad spectrum.

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