Demand for silver in global PV industry rose 19% in 2017, says Silver Institute

Approximately 76% of silver demand in the solar PV industry was used last year in frontside pastes, while the remaining 24% was used in backside pastes. Comoditization, however, is having detrimental effects on producers’ margins.

IEA-PVPS: Integration of solar requires improved forecasts, flexibility resources, more storage

In a new report, the association states that urgent action is required for, among other issues, the improvement of solar generation forecasts, the exploitation of storage systems, and the reduction of minimum operation and start-up times for both existing and new thermal and hydro generators.

Netherlands urgently needs qualified workforce for solar and renewables

The alert came from the Dutch Social and Economic Council, which advised the government to invest in, among other things, training more workforce specializing in building and maintaining renewable energy power plants. On the other hand, is a fact that qualified installers are urgently needed to deploy the several GWs of of solar power allocated under the SDE+ incentive program.

SouthPole Consulting plans 125 MW solar plant in Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls

The IPP project is being conceived mainly for self-consumption, although its developers have not excluded selling some of the generated power to a nearby industrial district.


IDB finances Jinko’s 80 MW project in Argentina

The project, to be developed in the province of San Juan, was selected by the Argentinean government in the second auction round (Ronda 1.5) of the RenovAr program for large-scale renewable energy projects.

France announces winners of 200 MW tender for rooftop PV

The final average price of the awarded projects was €80.8/MWh, slightly below the previous tender of the same type, in which the average price was €85/MWh.

Jordan mulls 35% domestic content requirement for solar

A proposal to make domestic content requirement mandatory for solar PV energy projects is currently being discussed by the Jordanian Parliament.

Colombia to host its first floating PV project

The floating solar array will be deployed at the water reservoir of Peñol-Guatapé, which is owned and operated by local energy and telecommunications utility, Empresas Públicas de Medellín (EPM).

Palestine issues tender for 35 MW of rooftop solar

Through the tender, the Palestine Investment Fund is aiming to install solar PV systems with an average installed capacity of 70 kW on the roofs of 500 public schools in the state.

Eni to build 220 MW of solar at its Italian facilities

The Italian oil giant has already identified 25 sites where the solar plants could be located. The projects are part of the company’s €7 billion investment plan in Italy.