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Export tariff

Moixa contracted under residential flexibility power scheme in the UK

U.K. Power Networks has tendered 18.2 MW of flexible power capacity to six companies across eight regions. With regular feed-in returns hanging in the wind in the U.K., flexibility and peak time management payments could be an alternative source of income for the solar industry.

UK government may step in to impose minimum price for solar power sold to the grid

The launch of the U.K. Smart Export Guarantee regime today failed to include a price floor – as predicted by trade body the STA – but the government did not rule out future intervention. Commercial customers, however, still have no way of securing payment for their excess power.


RECC Survey: UK proposal to end tariffs could cost thousands of jobs

RECC survey respondents say they will face major job cuts if solar tariffs are phased out in April, as proposed by the UK government. Reportedly more than 75% of jobs in the UK’s solar sector could be lost. A previous cut in tariffs prompted the loss of 9,000 jobs. Last week the industry sent an open letter to the energy minister opposing the policy.


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