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Germany raises feed-in tariffs for solar up to 750 kW

The new provisions are part of the new version of the country’s renewable energy law, which was approved today by the German parliament.


The weekend read: The financial risk of investing in PV systems and the ‘Peter PAN’ files

The financial risk of investing in photovoltaic systems is increasing. This is because the yield forecasts on which profitability audits are based are increasingly too optimistic. One reason for this could be the handling of so-called PAN files, reports pv magazine Deutschland’s Marian Willuhn.


Space heating without oil, gas feasible in Germany by 2035, says study

Europe’s declining security situation and rising fossil fuel prices are driving calls for independence from gas. A new study by the Wuppertal Institute, commissioned by Greenpeace, shows that a complete shift away from fossil fuels in the heating sector could be possible for Germany within 13 years.

Satellite cyber attack paralyzes 11GW of German wind turbines

The communication channels affected are also used by photovoltaic systems.


Electrolyzer tech to produce hydrogen from seawater

With a new start-up and a consortium in the Netherlands, German automotive supplier Schaeffler wants to significantly reduce the costs of green hydrogen.


Storing hydrogen with ‘nano-chocolates’

German scientists have developed a novel hydrogen storage method that relies on nanostructures – tiny nanoparticles made of the precious metal palladium – instead of high pressure and lower temperatures.


Viessmann and 50 Hertz integrate heat pumps to stabilize German grid

The partner companies say smart heat pumps can offer flexible capacity that network operators can use for safe operation and households could also benefit from a reduction in electricity prices.

New solution to store residential, commercial PV electricity as green hydrogen

Germany’s Home Power Solutions has developed a hydrogen storage solution with a capacity of up to 15,000 kWh. The Picea system stores excess electricity from rooftop PV systems in the form of green hydrogen.

Puffer fish inspired floating PV structure

With a new system for floating photovoltaic power plants, engineers from Germany want to make the application cheaper, higher-yielding, and safer. The result is somewhat reminiscent of a pufferfish, which also gave the system its name.


Northvolt and Cinis to turn battery waste into sustainable fertilizer

Production waste puts a dent in the perception of sustainability of batteries. Northvolt, however, has partnered with a young Swedish company to make the best use of the battery production waste, and also help to decarbonize the fertilizer industry while they are at it.


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