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Natcore develops new processes for patented foil cell

U.S. based technology company, Natcore has announced two new processes, which it says could dramatically reduce the production costs of its foil cell, which it has been working to commercialize for the past couple of years.

Suntech’s black silicon solar cells enter mass production

Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd has announced its high efficiency black silicon solar cells have successfully entered mass production. It is targeting an annual capacity of 500 MW by Q1 2018.


Natcore to consult on 20 MW project in Ghana

After the 20 MW PV project planned in the Central region of Ghana was threatened with a 29% feed in tariff reduction, UK based solar developer PSECC Solar Farms turned to Natcore, with the aim of bringing in higher efficiency technology that would make the project financially viable.

Natcore achieves 20.7% efficiency on silver-free back contact cell

The latest efficiency milestone for Natcore’s Foil Cell is verified by the NanoPower Research Lab at Rochester Institute for Technology. The result was achieved on the Natcore Foil Cell, which utilizes a lasering process and novel metallization strategy, eliminating the need for costly silver.


Natcore’s Foil Cell creeps closer to commercialization

The U.S. cell manufacturer announced a partnership with Italian manufacturer Coveme to accelerate the development and commercialization of Natcore’s latest cell innovation.


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