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Strong potential for inorganic perovskites

Scientists in the United States have developed a method to compare the performance and number of defects in different perovskite cell materials. Based on simulations and work with prototype materials, the group finds that all-inorganic materials have higher potential efficiency than their more widely researched organic-inorganic counterparts.

On the trail of a cause for solar cell LID

Scientists in the United States used sophisticated imaging to delve deep into the structure of a silicon solar cell, revealing for the first time a distinct defect signature for light-induced degradation. Their technique could be used to better understand the mechanisms behind multiple various defects affecting the performance of silicon and other solar cell technologies.

UK renewables industry calls for action on rising energy bills

Industry body the Renewable Energy Association (REA) is calling on the U.K. government to reduce tax on various clean energy technologies and energy efficiency measures in the residential sector, with particular emphasis on battery installations. The association sees this as one of the most effective ways to protect consumers from volatile energy prices, as well as for the country to meet its stated decarbonization goals.

Hydrogen hub proposal for Scottish isles

A consortium of investors is evaluating a hydrogen production project on the Orkney Islands to the north of Scotland, that would transform the island into a hub for hydrogen production, taking advantage of abundant wind resources nearby in the North Sea.

Module durability, and design for recycling

A new report published by the International Energy Agency offers a series of guidelines for the design of recyclable PV modules. The report aims to help manufacturers find the balance between durability and recyclability, to better address concerns about the 78 million tons of end-of-life PV modules expected by 2050.

JinkoSolar sets new record for n-type solar cell efficiency

Manufacturing giant JinkoSolar has set another world record for n-type solar cell efficiencies with its TOPCon technology, this time pushing to 25.4%. The new world record was confirmed by JET laboratories in Japan, and surpasses JinkoSolar’s previous record of 25.25% set back in May.


IEA: Greater global effort is needed to reach net zero

Ahead of the COP26 conference beginning in Glasgow later this month, the International Energy Agency this week published its World Energy Outlook report for 2021. While it expects rapid growth in renewable energy, the report finds that, on top of currently stated policies, annual energy transition-related investments would need to reach US$4 trillion annually by 2030.

Observing silicon anodes in action

Scientists in the United States working with silicon anodes for lithium-ion batteries have managed to model key mechanisms that lead to fast developing performance loss in the anodes. Understanding what causes the silicon to swell up and subsequently fall apart, the scientists say, is an important step to preventing it, and producing long lasting, high-capacity batteries.

Covid-19 recovery a “lost opportunity for the energy transition”

The latest edition of DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook report finds that, while there are plenty of encouraging forecasts for renewable energy, decarbonization ambitions laid out in the Paris agreements are unlikely to be met. The report finds that in most cases Covid-19 recovery policy has served to lock in emissions-intensive systems, and that urgent action is needed to push decarbonization in hard to electrify sectors such as shipping and heavy industry.

10 GW Desert to Power PV initiative picks up $150 million in funding

The Green Climate Fund has announced it will provide US$150 million in funding to the Desert to Power initiative – a project led by the African Development Bank and spanning several countries that aims to build 10 GW of PV generation capacity in various projects across the Sahel region to the south of the Sahara Desert.


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