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Applications & Installations

Electrical safety, norms & standards: Testing PV systems in accordance to IEC 62446-1

In this pv magazine Webinar, together with our webinar partner Fluke, we will provide insight into the requirements of the standard and what solutions can be used to conduct the necessary tests to ensure proper system operation.

Ecosistema PVcase: La solución integral para el desarrollo y diseño de plantas fotovoltaicas

En este webinar, Héctor Lucas Forasté, ingeniero preventas en PVcase, presenta un ecosistema donde ofrece diferentes herramientas software para facilitar el paso de cada una de las fases del desarrollo de una planta fotovoltaica, desde la búsqueda y selección del terreno hasta las fases del diseño y el cálculo de producciones sin que se produzca el tan habitual riesgo de pérdida o degradación de datos. Los asistentes podrán conocer más sobre cada una de estas herramientas, Prospect, Ground Mount y Yield, y sus beneficios.

Optimiser le design des centrales solaires C&I sur grandes toitures

Dans ce webinaire de pv magazine France, nous explorerons les fonctionnalités du nouveau logiciel PVcase Roof Mount, dédié aux systèmes solaires en toiture, à partir d’études de cas concrets apportées par PVcase et le bureau d’études Aveil.

New automation features ease O&M workload

The photovoltaic industry is currently booming. This requires additional personnel, but the PV industry has a shortage of skilled workers. One way to address this issue is to automate as many tasks as possible. In the webinar, we will briefly introduce the VCOM Cloud portal, discuss the new functions in detail, and share insights and show how O&M managers can make the most of their expertise – by getting rid of the simple, yet time-consuming busy work.

Maximizando el rendimiento: Tecnología avanzada para la monitorización y gestión de plantas fotovoltaicas

En este pv magazine Webinar, Amperecloud permitirá a los asistentes participar en una prueba piloto de su plataforma, mostrará su compatibilidad universal con hardware existente como controladores de datos o inversores y compartirá casos de éxito de diferentes clientes.

New mounting systems for solar facades

In this pv magazine Webinar, we’ll discuss the differences compared to rooftop installations of PV systems including live demonstration of demo components/system which provide details about the application fields and assembly options, as well as the market perspective.

Field protection and reliability of solar radiation measurement instruments

In this pv magazine Webinar, organized in partnership with OTT HydroMet, the home to solar and meteorology brands such as Kipp & Zonen and Lufft, we’ll explore the main challenges affecting the lifespan and accuracy of smart sensors in the field, with the focus on solar radiation measurement instruments.

Weather parameters and their effects on PV performance

In this pv magazine Webinar we will examine the key weather and environmental parameters affecting PV performance, underlining the importance of assessing these parameters in PV site design and operation.

The role of monitoring in managing power and maximizing returns: Indian C&I segment in focus

In this pv magazine Webinar, the ways in which solar power management can be delivered through smart monitoring will be set out in detail. The experience of project operators in India will also be presented – including case studies demonstrating the benefits of smart energy management.

The importance of manufacturing execution systems in the growing PV industry

As PV manufacturing ramps up across the U.S. and Europe, manufacturing execution systems (MES) offer advantages to an efficient and effective process. We will review trends in PV manufacturing and their significance for data management and learn about MES functions that are needed today for solar cell and module production.

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