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Achieving domestic content tax incentives with solar trackers

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With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) there are many opportunities for domestic manufacturing, yet challenges remain. Learn how IRA incentives can maximize benefits with a focus on domestic manufacturing of solar trackers in the United States.

Approaches can include transferring benefits from IRA incentives to customers, improving operational efficiency through transformative processes, automation and analysis of supply chain processes, strengthening sustainability and corporate social responsibility with suppliers, diversifying the supplier base with an onshore focus and emphasizing the importance of business collaboration in the energy supply chain. The webinar will also include a demonstration on how to track domestic content qualification documentation through a specialized IRA compliance management system. We will also look at how terrain-following trackers solve land use and other unique challenges in the U.S. market.

pv magazine Webinar content:

  • Challenges and opportunities of domestic manufacturing.
  • How to transfer benefits from the IRA incentives to customers.
  • Creating value in the solar PV supply chain.
  • Importance of business collaboration in supply chain within the energy sector.
  • How to ensure domestic content compliance with Soltec solar trackers in solar project development.
  • Q&A

Key benefits for participants to attend:

  • Learn how to analyze your IRA incentives and domestic content tax incentive qualification.
  • Get to know how solar trackers can enable qualification for domestic content tax incentives. Know the importance of diversifying your supplier base.
  • Learn to automatize supply chain processes to strength sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Questions can be submitted beforehand in the comments window when registering or in the chat during the live webinar. Anne Fischer, senior editor, and Jerusha Kamoji, contributing editor at pv magazine USA will be the co-moderators of this webinar.

Registration for this pv magazine webinar is free of charge.


Sergio Prado | Regional General Manager North America, Soltec

Sergio Prado, a seasoned chemical engineer with a specialization in renewable energy, currently serves as the regional general manager North America at Soltec. His passion lies in addressing the intricate technical and regulatory challenges associated with creating genuinely sustainable energy systems. With a notable track record, Sergio has dedicated his career to supporting initiatives aimed at overcoming the energy access challenge in developing countries, showcasing his commitment to advancing global energy sustainability.

Charles Dauber | Chief Executive Officer, Empact Technologies

Charles Dauber, CEO of Empact Technologies, brings 30 years of energy industry and technology expertise. As the founder of Empact, a leading provider of IRA compliance management solutions in the clean energy sector, he has played a pivotal role in the company's success. Before Empact, Charles led AETI, a NASDAQ-listed manufacturing and construction firm in the traditional and renewable energy industries, where he pioneered innovative products like the industry's first 1000V 1MW solar inverter. His Silicon Valley background includes taking a tech startup public, turning around a technology company and leading two startups as CEO.

Minerva Garza | Tracker Purchasing Manager, Soltec

Minerva Garza, tracker purchasing manager, is an executive with more than 16 years in global companies within the construction sector in different roles such as business development, operational planning, negotiation, procurement, and sales of steel and other categories (cement, concrete, and other construction materials) at a national and international level with experience in distribution, industrial, construction and government. She recently joined our procurement division in the USA as responsible for purchasing tracker components in the American market.


Anne Fischer | Senior editor, pv magazine USA

Anne Fischer is a senior editor at pv magazine USA. Anne is a seasoned writer, editor, and journalist. Her career has included writing for leading technology publications, with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability.

Jerusha Kamoji | Contributing editor, pv magazine USA

Jerusha is a freelancer with over seven years of experience in digital and print Journalism. She is passionate about sustainable development and incentivizing circular economies.

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