Asia’s largest PV airport takes off

23. April 2013 | Applications & Installations, Markets & Trends | By:  Jonathan Gifford

The agreement to develop an 11.6 MW installation at Japan’s New Kansai International Airport has been reached. When complete, it is expected to be the biggest solar installation at an Asian airport.

An artist's impression of the Solar Frontier installation.

Solar Frontier continues to develop its downstream business with this latest installation.

Japan’s Solar Frontier will supply a new installation at the Kansai airport in Osaka. It is the first project to be developed by the SF Solar Power JV, which was formed by Solar Frontier and the Development Bank of Japan (DBJ).

The project, which goes by the name KIX Megasolar, will be developed under a tripartite agreement. Solar Frontier will supply the 72,000 modules and operation and maintenance services, the DBJ the finance and the New Kansai Airport, the land and buildings for the installation.

In a statement announcing the project, the airport, the DBJ and Solar Frontier have committed to continue their collaboration to promote renewable energy.

The 11.6 MW KIX Megasolar is the first project to be developed by the SF Solar Power JV. Solar Frontier has a 60% stake in the JV, with DBJ 40%. Once the power plant is operation, the firms say they are looking for other partners for future collaboration, including local financial institutions. The installation was also the first funded under the DBJ’s Competitiveness Innovation Fund. 

In an interview last week with pv magazine, Solar Frontier’s Ichiro Sugiyama said that Solar Frontier’s preexisting development teams have been utilized in the company’s expansion into the downstream solar market in Japan.

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