Ecuador adopts FITs

16. May 2011 | Top News, Markets & Trends, Applications & Installations | By:  Paul Gipe

The electricity authority of Ecuador has adopted a system of feed-in tariffs for the development of renewable energy. The regulations cover both continental Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.

Ecuador landscape

The new FIT applies to all photovoltaic systems, regardless of size. Image: Flickr/PatrickMoore.

The program, introduced on April 14, 2011 by the South American country of 15 million people, includes multiple technologies, including photovoltaics, wind and geothermal. Biomass-biogas and hydro projects are further differentiated by size.

In terms of photovoltaics, the tariff in Ecuador has been set for 15 years, at a rate of €0.292/USD$0.4003 per kilowatt hour. Projects on the Galápagos Islands, on the other hand, will receive a rate of €0.322/USD$0.4403 for 15 years. Currently no distinctions have been made between project sizes.

Ecuador joins a growing list of developing countries that recently have adopted systems of feed-in tariffs, including Malaysia and Uganda. Botswana and the Philippines are also both expected to introduce programs this year.

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