France: 120 MW of medium sized rooftop installations by 2015

05. April 2013 | Applications & Installations, Global PV markets | By:  Ilias Tsagas

France announced it will tender 120 MW of medium sized rooftop PV installations by 2015. The installations concern non-residential buildings with a roof surface ranging from 700 to 2000 sqm. Each project can have an installed capacity of between 100 and 250 kW.

A photovolatic rooftop installation in France.

France will tender for 120 MW of mid size solar rooftops by 2015.

Overall, there will be three tenders of 40 MW per year, the French Ministry of Energy, Ecology and Sustainable Development said. The deadline for submission of tenders for the first round of applications is October 31 and successful applicants will be announced in early 2014.

The ministry also introduced a criterion for carbon assessment of the projects to enhance the contribution of the projects to climate protection. The carbon footprint criterion will count for a third of overall project ratings.

The three tenders, the ministry said, will result in a cumulated investment of around €250 million (US$325 million).

The announcement for the tendering of 120 MW of medium sized rooftop installations came only a few days after the ministry detailed a tender for 400 MW of PV plants 250 kW and larger.

France has a 1 GW minimum PV installation target for 2013. This target was lifted in January from 500 MW last year.

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