Germany: Nearly 5 GW by the end of July

03. September 2012 | Markets & Trends, Global PV markets, Applications & Installations | By:  William Vorsatz

The German Federal Network Agency announced a total of 4.9 GW in new photovoltaic installations from the beginning of the current year to July 31. That represents nearly double as much as in the same period last year.

The German flag.

Photovoltaic installation has continued at pace in Germany in 2012, however an end-of-year rush is not expected.

The German Federal Network Agency published the current figures for additional installed photovoltaic systems on its website. According to the information, in July it received data for 543.225 MW of newly installed PV output. All in all, this results in an additional 4.9 GW for 2012. Last year, just 2,285 MW were recorded in the same period. Thus, the total of all installations subsidized by the Renewable Energy Resources Act up to July 31, 2012 amounted to 29.7 GW.

The German Federal Network Agency now publishes the figures for the additional installations of the previous month at the beginning of the respective following month. The newly registered output per month, up to and including July 31, can now be viewed for each location and district land boundary. Previously, the agency had only published estimates of additional installations provided by the head of the authority.

The reasons for the sharp increase in additional installations in the first half of 2012 were the ongoing discussions about solar subsidies and the transition periods created in the amendment to the Renewable Energy Resources Act.

As of April 1, the German federal government made drastic one-time cuts for rooftop photovoltaic systems and redefined the performance classes. Thus at the end of June, there were transition periods for larger plants, which is probably why there was a sharp increase in additional installations.

Up to the end of September, operators of large solar parks on conversion areas will now still have time to connect their plants and to profit from the old remuneration regulation. The sharp increase up to July 31 will presumably cause further discussions and add grist to the mill of opponents of photovoltaics.

Translation by Alan Faulcon.

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