Intersolar China: Looking forward

09. December 2011 | Global PV markets, Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Hans-Christoph Neidlein/Eckhart Gouras

Intersolar China drew to a positive close today in Beijing. What became clear was the great interest in photovoltaics in China, as well as the enormous market opportunities of a growing Chinese domestic market.

Intersolar China 2012 exhibition floor

About 5,000 visitors and 350 conference participants took part at the Intersolar China trade show.

About 5,000 visitors and 350 conference participants took part at the Intersolar China trade show according to the organizer Solar Promotion International.  135 exhibitors presented themselves in two exhibition halls of the China National Convention Center right next to the Olympic complex in Beijing. The share of Chinese exhibitors was 65 percent, while the share of Chinese visitors was around 90 percent. "We came at just the right time to Beijing, because just now the Chinese domestic market is starting its rise," emphasizes Markus Elsässer, CEO of Solar Promotion International.

It is expected that domestic photovoltaic installations will grow by one gigawatt this year. What was clear at the show was the high level of interest in information by many of its visitors . This was not only apparent at the exhibitors’ booths, but also at accompanying programs like the "1st Chinese PV Briefing and Networking Forum" of the "Joint Forces for Solar" initiative, led by EuPD Research, as well as the Intersolar China conference program.

"Highlights from the point of view of visitors were primarily the planning and operation of large-scale power plants, overseas markets and cleaner production," says Elsässer. This was also meant as a contribution for heightened quality awareness in the Chinese photovoltaics market.

Discussions with numerous exhibitors at the show revealed that this process will still take some time. "Often Chinese customers are only looking at low purchase prices," remarked, for example, Johannes Salzeder, senior manager, of Schletter’s technical department. Accordingly, Schletter is focusing more on educating the local market and qualifying customers, as well as reducing costs through localization.

In any case, it should be very interesting to see how the Chinese solar power market develops and which trends will highlight Intersolar China 2012 in Beijing.

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