Teamtechnik equips 600 MW of solar plants in China

06. June 2013 | Industry & Suppliers, Markets & Trends | By:  Wenjing Feng

Teamtechnik, the Germany-based photovoltaic system manufacturer, has recently announced that the company has completed the construction of solar plants for Yingli Solar last month. The plants totaling 600 MW of capacity are located in the cities of Tianjin, Hengshui and Xinxian.

Teamtechnik is shifting away from traditional European market to emerging markets like China and South Korea.

This March, teamtechnik signed a contract with Yingli to develop polysilicon module production plants in China. As per the agreement, teamtechnik provided Yingli with 21 Stringer TT1200 HS machines, 10 lay-up-stations and on-site support. Although the developments have already been completed in early May, the projects are at present under a one-month stability testing phase.

Additionally Yingli has also established a long-term partnership with teamtechnik for a further cooperation.


The way out

Over the past few years, German PV equipment manufacturers have been struggling as a result of continued overcapacity. Last year, Germany’s leading solar equipment manufacturers suffered huge capital losses due to poor sales.  

"Due to the current state of the European market and the influence of EU-China solar trade dispute, teamtechnik has shifted away from traditional European markets to emerging markets like China and South Korea," a spokesperson from the company told pv magazine, adding, "Teamtechnik also plans to expand its business into South Asian countries like India."

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