Taiwan may cut FITs in 2011


The Director of the Bureau of Energy in Taiwan, Su Jin-sheng stated in a media interview today that the government will be announcing the rates for 2011 by the end of this year. In contrast, the payments made out to wind energy producers may apparently increase due to the increasing costs in the sector.

The Renewable Energy Development Act was approved last year in Taiwan, announcing the feed-in tariffs paid out to solar energy generators by state-owned utility company Taiwan Power. They are fixed at 11.12 New Taiwan Dollars (about €0.28) for photovoltaics per kilowatt-hour according to the Ministry of Economic Affair’s website.

This is a contrast to the 2.06NT (about €0.05) paid per kilowatt-hour for fossil fuels like coal and oil. The Bureau of Energy had also stated on its website the poll results that showed the local residents’ support for the development of renewable energy in the country.