Fraunhofer Institute verifies high performance in Sharp solar panels


Solar specialists Eurosol GmbH built the plant in Kasendorf, Bavaria, within just two months, using Sharp Solar photovoltaic panels. The Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE has tested the plant’s capacity and has arrived at a remarkable conclusion: not only does the plant achieve its nominal capacity of 4,989.6 kilowatt peak (kWp), but it even surpasses expectations. The ISE also emphasized the careful workmanship found in Sharp panels.

Between October and December last year, EUROSOL built the Zultenberg Solar Park over an area of ten hectares, using nearly 23,000 Sharp Solar photovoltaic panels.

In order to assure quality, the solar specialist arranged for the Fraunhofer ISE to systematically check the plant during the construction stage and after the plant was put into full operation. In carrying out checks, the institute not only appraised the whole system, but also carefully examined the system documentation and layout.

As part of an on-site inspection, they also assessed the plant design and checked for any effects of shade on the system. The conclusion they reached was that the plant installed by EUROSOL is very carefully and professionally built with no deficiencies detected. In its test report, the ISE drew particular attention to the high capacity of Sharp Solar photovoltaic panels.

Excellent workmanship and optimum capacity

With each panel featuring a nominal power capacity of 220 Wp, the total nominal power capacity for the whole system at Kasendorf adds up to 4,989.6 kWp. When the Fraunhofer ISE carried out an independent control measurement of a representative random sample of 26 modules at their facilities, readings revealed an average output of 226.9 Wp per module, which would equal a total output of 5,146 kWp.

During their inspection of the EUROSOL plant, the ISE experts also emphasized the uniform appearance of the solar generator, the careful craftsmanship in solar panels and the robust, mechanical fastening system for the panels.

“We are very proud of this extremely positive, independent quality assessment of our solar modules,” affirms Georg Koch, Manager for Module Sales Central & East Europe at Sharp Solar. “On average, the power generated by the solar park each year is enough to supply around 2,000 households while also eliminating around 3,000 tons of CO2 emissions. That’s another important step forward for environmental protection.”