Reliable microcracks detection


Results can be presented on an operator monitor, where the user can change system parameters such as minimal defect size, supervise inspection results, and handle external signals. The results can be communicated to the customer’s MES. The inspection system is available in different versions, both as inline tool (to be integrated above existing conveyor belts or for integration into stringers) and as stand-alone system including sorting out of defective parts.

The ANTARES inspection system consists of a vision cabinet including the maintenance free illuminations and cameras, sensors and light barriers, and of an industrial PC with monitor, keyboard, a RAID storage system and the user software under Windows XP. The stand-alone version including the sorting module additionally contains all automation parts.

The ANTARES inspection system can inspect mono- and multicrystalline wafers and cells of 156 × 156 mm², with a thickness range between 120 µm and 300 µm. It has a cycle time of down to one second per cell (less if necessary for wafers), allowing the use in standard automated production lines.