A worry-free package


The company offers an output insurance, in addition to the already established All-Risk and Business Interruption insurance. This insurance already covered external factors, like the lack of enough sunlight. The Conergy Premium Fully Comprehensive Output Insurance for small solar systems up to 300 kilowatts now tops that.

For up to five years, it protects its customers from reduced yields, resulting, for example, from defects in components or configuration, degradation or de-lamination of modules, and will compensate for up to 90 percent of the yield. One condition needs to be fulfilled: a Conergy solar system with a capacity up to 300 kilowatts – whether on the rooftop or in the free-field.

A contract termination waiver on part of insurance and the resulting arbitrary fixed term of up to five years is offered. This gives it contractually guaranteed minimum yields and therefore a high planning security. Thereafter, the output insurance is renewed on a year-by-year basis. Conergy states that this is a total worry-free package with guaranteed income for a completely safe system.