An alternative


With the AURORA MICRO-0.3 inverter, Power-One introduces an alternative to the traditional string inverters the company is well-known for. By linking a micro-inverter to each module, the output of every single panel can be individually controlled and optimized.

The second product, the AURORA OPTI-0.3 power optimizer, is also linked to one module and helps maximizing the energy output. Additional features of the device include efficiency ratings of up to 95.5 percent, a rugged outdoor enclosure and HF isolation, allowing it to fit any application requiring the grounding of either one of the input terminations.

The micro-inverter is electrolyte-free to further increase the product lifetime and long term reliability and can be easily installed due to a proprietary wireless communication hub and grid interface included in the package. Up to ten micro-inverters can be connected in a string.